Soap Previews


April 07, 2017
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.


BEAUTIFUL: Ridge confessed his mistake to Brooke and begged her forgiveness. During an

unannounced visit to Quinn, Katie enjoyed watching her nemesis squirm while holding the threat of revealing her affair over her. While Ridge was reluctant to do so, Brooke admitted to a disappointed RJ that they were not married in Australia as they had planned. Shirley provided Coco with a new spying device.

Thomas went on the defensive when Steffy chided him for bringing Sally as his date to her wedding. RJ invited Coco to see the latest confidential Forrester designs, and the Spectra gang immediately started creating their knock-offs. Seeing that Sally was having reservations about stealing Forrester's designs, Shirley knew exactly which buttons to push to get her granddaughter back on track. Darlita got quite a shock while watching the feed from Coco's hidden camera.

Watch For: The Spectra clan hits the jackpot. Bill tells a reporter to write a bad review of Spectra's designs. Sally tries to keep Coco away from the stolen fashion line.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole and Brady had their neighbours over for dinner, which turned out to be a disaster for Nicole. Tripp learnt more about Ava. Rafe discovered that Hope planted a bug on someone after her surveillance app went off. Theo realised that he and Claire were moving too fast. Nicole panicked over Scooter recognising her. Abigail confided to JJ that she was worried about Chad's feelings for Gabi.

Meanwhile, Gabi went on a date with Eli. Ciara was pleasantly surprised when she met Wyatt. Abigail got into a confrontation with Kate. Eduardo and Dario discussed a new revenue stream. Sonny was furious when Deimos demoted him. Rafe and Hope eavesdropped on Deimos.

Watch For: Rafe is forced to make a tough choice regarding Eduardo. Tripp condemns Steve and Kayla for hurting his mother. A guilty Joey prepares to tell Tripp the truth about who really killed Ava.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny was humbled. Alexis offered an apology. Sam sought closure. Carly received some very sad news. Tracy and Laura had a heart-to-heart talk. Sam hired Curtis. Carly learnt the truth. Finn battled his demons. Liz sympathised with Hayden. Anna was remorseful. Ava enlisted Scott's help. Dante was intrigued, while Josslyn was conflicted.

Lulu suffered a setback. Sonny got some surprising news. Nelle had a realisation. Ava took her frustration out on Kiki. Dante attempted to put the pieces together but still remained quite suspicious. Nelle and Michael crossed paths. Liz

reassured Franco. Carly found a way to forgive.

Watch For: Franco is put on notice. Nelle confesses her sins. Nina returns to Wyndemere.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis helped Ravi upgrade his wardrobe to impress Ashley. Billy wanted to discuss the kiss he shared with Victoria. Scott comforted an emotional Sharon when she found Dylan's old apron at the coffeehouse. Victoria wasn't pleased to discover that Victor hired Scott to write his biography. Later, Scott began his research by interviewing Abby. Cane told Juliet that he didn't remember sleeping with her in Tokyo.

Lily entered the room and asked what they were talking about. Abby quizzed her mom on her feelings for Ravi. Victoria informed Cane that she decided to offer Juliet a full-time position at Brash & Sassy in Genoa City. Billy and Victoria shared an uncomfortable elevator ride with Phyllis. Watch For: Chloe's life changes forever. Reed has a secret admirer. Lauren plays matchmaker for Phyllis.