New miniseries features life of Mexican drug lord


April 11, 2017
In this March, 21, 2017 photo, Mexican actor Marco de la O relaxes during a pause in the filming of the TV series about the life Mexico's drug lord Joaquin Guzman, in Tabio, Colombia. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

TABIO, Colombia (AP):

While the real JoaquIn Archivaldo Guzm*n is locked up in New York, his fictional counterpart is free and in top form in Colombia, where the Univision network and Netflix are filming a television series about his life.

Guzm*n's rearrest in 2016 - after two dramatic prison escapes - has created such a bloody power struggle for his Sinaloa cartel in Mexico that the series' producers thought it would be safer to film in Colombia, the country that used to be the epicentre of the hemisphere's drug violence.

Producer Daniel Posada said Colombia was a good option, partly because it is very similar in appearance to Mexico.

The effect will be completed in post-production by adjusting the intensity of the light to match Mexican skies.

The series is scheduled to have its US premiere on Univision on April 23, and a couple of months later, will have a worldwide release on Netflix.