Weird news


April 11, 2017

A writer of an erotic novel claims her raunchy book sent both her sisters into an early labour.

Scarlett Brade, 25, from Chingford in London released Money Green Memories in 2015 and believe parts of the book, which involves a character losing her virginity, caused her sister Anna-Karenina, 26, to go in to labour a week early and her half-sister Kara, 31, to give birth at just 35 weeks last year after reading about a steamy scene.

Anna told The Sun newspaper: "One minute I was reading Money Green Memories wondering how my sister came up with this story, and the next I was in the bathroom with Scarlett telling me she thinks my waters have broken.

"Money Green Memories brought on my labour and then did it again with my older sister. I mean, it's just magical and something we will share forever."

Fake tan sales spike for Ladies Day

Almost 500 gallons of fake tan have been sold amid the run up to the Grand National's Aintree Ladies Day.

St John's Shopping Centre in Liverpool noticed the increase in their sales of St Moriz tan from glamorous girls who are preparing to walk the catwalk in front of the world's media in six weeks at the popular event.

The girls have played a significant part in the high-demand with the likes of stiletto and coffin-shaped nails, fluttering fake eyelashes, curly blow-dry bookings, body-con dresses and champagne-coloured frocks, all dubbed to be important parts of their forthcoming event.

Rob Bradley, centre manager for St John's, said: "We know how glamorous the girls are in Liverpool and how much pride they take in their appearance. They set trends all around the country and we are proud that our retailers can help them feel like the 'finest fillies' for Ladies Day!"

Scientists write about popular ways to die

Sinking to the bottom of the 36,000 feet Mariana Trench in Japan has been dubbed the most popular way to die.

Californian scientist Paul Doherty and writer Cody Casey investigated ways in which people would prefer to die as part of research for their book, And Then You're Dead, and they were bombarded with bizarre requests to the ways people wanted to end their lives.

Responding to the weird request, the pair wrote:

"Fortunately, you're mostly water, and water is incompressible, so you would retain your basic human shape ...

"The air pockets inside you, namely in your nasal cavity, throat and chest, would be a problem. Those would collapse inward, which would be fatal."

Others voted being stuck in a falling elevator, getting too close to a neutron star, being hit by a particle accelerator and jumping into a hole in the earth as their favourable ways to die.

Cadbury plans to make giant Easter egg

Cadbury Creme Egg like the idea of turning their popular treats into a giant Easter egg for their loyal fans, but claim the process could be "very difficult".

The chocolate brand insisted they would love to please their fans ahead of Easter, and make the popular treat even bigger, but would find it hard to keep the "lovely filling inside".

A spokesperson told The Daily Record: "It's a very difficult structure to put together, and would be difficult to keep the chocolate intact with all that lovely filling inside."

But despite the process looking to be a difficult one, the company insisted they weren't ruling out the idea completely.

They added: "Never say never. I know if we did do it there would be a massive demand."