Weird news


April 12, 2017

A restaurant in Tokyo served insects with their dishes during a one-off event.

Customers reportedly flocked to the hotspot in Japan to try their unique cuisine, which sees them serve up a ramen feast with a choice of crickets, grasshoppers or silkworm powder titled Insect Tsukemen, during a one-off event.

According to The Mirror Online, the event came one year after the success of their cricket ramen feast last year, which was organised by restaurant manager, who remains unnamed, and Yuta Shinohara who sets up insect-eating dos.

Those with an empty stomach had the opportunity to enjoy the noodle specialty with bugs and soup, a bowl of rice laden with crickets, spring rolls and ice cream all containing creepy crawlies of various species.

During the event, it is believed 100 bowls of insect ramen were indulged in, and were sold out before lunchtime.

A man jumped into the sea to avoid paying his PS375 seafood bill.

Terry Peck who goes by the nickname 2pec devoured two lobsters, a baby octopus, 21 vodka oyster shots, and some Corona beers at a lavish restaurant in the Gold Coast, Australia, on Sunday before he made a run for it without covering the costs.

However, Peck didn't get very far as police managed to detain him and charge him with one count of stealing and two counts of serious assault for resisting arrest after they were forced to chase him around the ocean on jet skis.

According to the Courier Mail newspaper, it became known when he appeared in court that he was already on parole for an unrelated offence.

Despite his behaviour, Magistrate Joan White granted Peck bail and he is set to appear in court on May 4.

A woman was shocked to be faced with a 12-foot-long snake when she reached for a carton of milk at a supermarket.

A customer at Komatipoort in South Africa was surprised to came face to face with the large African rock python when she picked out a dairy treat in the refrigerated section in the store, according to the Mail Online.

Thankfully, the serpent was asleep and remained undisturbed during the shopping spree, but was swiftly removed by a snake catcher who is believed to return the reptile to Kruger National Park.

Although it is unknown how the giant animal snuck inside the store, it is rumoured it may have slid through the roof or up the drains.

A manager at the retailer, Martie Esnouf, said: "I don't know it got in there, but it could have come in through the roof or the drains and it ended up in the shop fridge."

Leading UK health and fitness retailer Discount Supplements has teamed up with chocolatier Jo Fensome to create the first-ever "supersized protein chocolate egg".

The limited-edition sweet treat is made from protein powder and is also low in sugar and fat.

The amount of protein in the egg is the equivalent of six egg whites, one full chicken breast and a fist-sized portion of lean beef.

It is also not hollow but filled with ganache mixture.

Jo created the recipe to allow health athletes to enjoy the seasonal treats without the worry of putting on the weight.

Jo said: "I bake and cook with chocolate, and I like to think I have good taste buds when it comes to the sweeter things in life. I think people will be pleasantly surprised how delicious the protein egg actually is. I am really pleased with the recipe and it is so easy to make, I hope people try it at home."