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April 13, 2017
@Normal:Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on 'The Young and the Restless'.
Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.


On the eve of the Spectra fashion show, Sally was filled with anxiety knowing that Thomas would realise she had stolen his designs. Meanwhile, there was a debate at Forrester Creations on whether Coco could be trusted since she was a Spectra. Family and friends were shocked when word got out about Thomas and Sally ending their relationship. Anticipating that the Spectra fashion show would be a bust like the last one, Bill made a hefty offer to CJ about buying the old building. Shirley reflected on previous fashion shows where the Spectras had stolen designs. She then gave Coco an ambiguous warning about how her days of buddying up with the Forresters were numbered. CJ arrived to attend the show and reminded Sally about their deal regarding the sale of the building.

Watch for: The Spectra fashion show comes to a very interesting close. Shirley lacks sympathy for Sally. A skyscraper dream is temporarily put on hold.


Nicole considered taking desperate measures to deal with Scooter. Jade tried to intervene with Tripp on behalf of the Johnsons. Marlena angrily confronted Victor about Eric. Chad discovered that Dario was in love with Abigail. Gabi accidentally walked in on a celebration for Abigail and Chad's upcoming vow-renewal ceremony. Ciara was unaware that there was more to Wyatt than met the eye. Claire and Theo shared a romantic evening together. Paul and Sonny confessed their love for one another. Kate urged Gabi to go after Chad while she still could. Rafe and Dario clashed over what happened to Eduardo. Chad and Lucas received bad news about Countess Wilhelmina. Julie warned Eli to stay away from Gabi.

Watch for: Abigail makes a life-changing decision. Tension escalates between Kate, Jennifer, and AndrE. Eric tries to persuade Chloe to make peace with Nicole.


Nelle confessed her sins. Franco was put on notice. Sam shared what she knew while Alexis tried to put the pieces together. Finn grew increasingly desperate. Hayden was ready to move on. Valentin received an unexpected gift. Nina returned to Wyndemere. Laura refused to be intimidated. Griffin came to Finn's aid. Anna gained the upper hand. AndrE admitted his heartbreak. Brad betrayed Finn. Olivia worried about Dante. Jax tried to make amends. Sam and Jason took the kids to an Easter egg hunt. Sonny's sorrow turned to anger. Alexis was stunned. Dante pushed forward with his investigation.

Watch for: Tracy attempts to upstage Olivia. Sonny confronts Jax. Carly vows to punish Nelle.


Sharon gave Scott information about Adam for Victor's biography. Billy complimented Victoria on her success in running Brash & Sassy. Jack learnt that Ravi would be accompanying Ashley to the product conference in New York. Ashley told Phyllis that her trip with Ravi wasn't just work related. At the GCAC, Billy and Victoria grew closer over a private dinner. Phyllis arrived and was uncomfortable when she noticed how close Victoria and Billy were becoming. Mariah learnt that she was rebranding "GC Buzz" and felt that she was having to do this as punishment for dating Devon. Lauren encouraged Phyllis to date Scott. Later, Phyllis was shocked when Jack and Gloria disclosed the true nature of their relationship.

Watch for: Nikki is pushed to the breaking point. Devon and Neil make a power move. Cane pushes Billy's buttons.