Weird news


April 18, 2017

A new father has suggested that all new mums should be given a free vaginal ice lolly.

An unknown user on the parenting forum just for dads called Direct Advice for Dads said the ice pop, which is a condom filled with frozen water, can be shoved between a woman's legs to relive any pain post-birth.

Explaining the 'ice finger', according to several reports, the unnamed user said: "Make sure you're stocked up on condoms. Filled with water and frozen. They're the perfect shape to rest in between new mum's legs and ease a bit of pain and swelling.

"Don't believe me? This is actually a thing. Shortly after giving birth in hospital, my wife was taken to a fridge full of frozen condoms."

Anna Olson has created the Battenbun to celebrate Easter.

The celebrity chef has invented a new tasty treat in time for the religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, which is a combination of a classic hot cross bun and a Battenberg cake, with the pink and yellow patterned centre, as part of her show 'Bake with Anna Olson'.

The hybrid cake, which has been slated as the new sweet treat during English tea time, is a blend of almonds, cinnamon, apricots, and marzipan and were scheduled to be given to customers in East London bakery Lily Vanilli on Easter Sunday before the series' premiere on April 24.

Speaking about her creation, Anna said: "The best part about the launch of the third series is that I can continue to share my incredible world of baking with the UK."

And Anna is hopeful that the Battenbun will encourage more people to get creative in the kitchen.

She explained: "I hope both the Battenbun and upcoming season of 'Bake with Anna Olson' inspires the UK to get their rolling pins out and join me on another sweet adventure."

A chicken nugget fan has launched a campaign on social media to get a free lifetime supply of the breaded dish.

Carter Wilkerson took to Twitter to ask Wendy's how many retweets he would need to get in order to receive a year's supply of the feast from the food chain, and the ambitious teenager is set to break the world record and make his dream come true.

The 16-year-old wrote: "Yo @Wendys how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets? (sic)."

To which the company replied: "18 million (sic)."

And the youngster is set to break the world record for the most retweets with his ambitious plea on the micro blogging site, which has been shared almost three million times.

However, Carter didn't think his post would be as successful.

Speaking to USA Today, he said: "I sent out the tweet as a joke, but then they responded with the outrageous number. I thought 'Consider it done' would be funny among my friend group. Then I put the screenshot up and it started gaining momentum."

A girl broke up with her boyfriend through a Spotify playlist.

The list was entirely made up of whiny songs such as James Arthur's I Am and Trey Songz Kinda Lovin.

The 19-year-old student, Kristen Titus, from Brigham Young University in the city of Provo in Utah, used his music to tell Wyatt Hall she was not into him after they went on a few dates.

She told BuzzFeed: "I thought if I was going to end things with him, I wanted to do it in a creative way."

However, little did Kristen know that her young sister had found her playlist and played it out loud.