Weird News


April 18, 2017

Weird News

An underground sewer has exploded into a man's face.

A male, who remains unknown, was mortified after he discarded his cigarette butt down the drain only for it to backfire and catapult a large amount of waste in his direction with such a force he was thrown to the ground and had to crawl on his hands and knees to escape further misfortune.

Footage of the unfortunate moment, which is believed to have taken place in Iran, has been captured on CCTV camera, and has been obtained by the Mirror Online.

The clip sees one man pour what resembles rubble into the hole, before another male peers into the crevice and throws his own waste into the area.

However, once the second person chucked his rubbish away the pavement erupts and out bursts the contents of the hole.

A group of pastry chefs spent five days creating a 25 kg chocolate sculpture.

Michelin-star culinary masterminds at Bohemia Bar and Restaurant in Jersey have worked solidly for 120 hours to perfect an artistic piece made out of the tasty treat to celebrate the Easter holiday.

The design captures an octopus tentacle wriggling out of a treasure chest filled with golden miniature Easter eggs.

Speaking about the creation, Head Pastry Chef Ellen de Jager-Smith said: "We wanted to create something a bit different this Easter so decided to do the lost treasure of Easter. We created a treasure chest with golden mini Easter eggs inside. Obviously lost treasure needs to be protected so we created the Jersey Kraken to protect it! The chocolate sculpture took five days to make and we used 25 kg of chocolate."

The mouth-watering design will be on show at the venue throughout the Easter weekend.

Police were called to stop a "fully-fledged rave" on the London Underground recently.

The British Transport Police were on hand to diffuse a busy carriage on the Bakerloo line, which saw revellers turn the seated area into a travelling nightclub where people were dancing around to drum and bass music blasting out of a sound system while flashing lights and a smoke machine decorated the scene.

The police services took to social media to document the event. They tweeted: "We've just removed a fully fledged rave from a Bakerloo Line tube! All light hearted and very co-operative. #Bakerloo running normally. (sic)."

Although some travellers took to social media to show their enjoyment towards the festivity, which was led by MC Harry Shotta and Discoboy, other commuters were unimpressed by the raucous behaviour.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, Discoboy said: "I took my Discoboy trolley and set it up inside the tube.

"We had a smoke machine, blacked a bit out and had a few lights and we invited a few people down. "People were loving it."

A new entertainment experience Dinosaurs in the Wild is set to launch in the UK this year.

The upcoming event is set to make its way to Birmingham's NEC this June and will feature lifelike sets and dinosaur models to transport visitors back to the prehistoric era.

The experience will not only allow customers to be educated on various species, but also enjoy theatre performances and theme park rides.

And for those who want to take a step back in time will be wowed by the variety of artefacts, including dinosaur tissue samples, eyeballs, brains, teeth and claws of the creatures, as well as the heart of the Alamosaurus, which will allow onlookers to observe how the body pumped blood up to its five-metre long neck, which will be on display.

A live autopsy of the Pachycephalosaurus will enable visitors to delve into the scientific side to dinosaurs.

And if that wasn't enough guests can also delve into piles of dinosaur poop and feel with their own hands

the difference between a carnivore and herbivores faeces.

However, if that is too much to handle for those with a weak stomach you can put your upper-body strength to the test against a Tyrannosaurus Rex model, or see life through their eyes using a virtual reality device.

Dinosaurs in the Wild's Animal Laboratory will be divided into two sections nocturnal and daytime areas where younger species of the Leptoceratops, Acheroraptor and Ankylosaurus will be open for viewing, although they will be safely caged to prevent any harm coming to inquisitive guests while their feeding time is being observed.