Weird News


April 25, 2017

Weird News

A mother caused a stir after she changed her child's nappy on the table in a cafe.

A woman had just enjoyed a little feast with her baby and when the time came for her to freshen up her tiny tot she didn't think twice about laying the tiny tot on the space they had just eaten to change the soiled diaper.

However, this sparked outrage with other diners, and another woman told the mother she thought it was "a bit grim".

The angered female took to Mumsnet to vent her anger at the sight, she said: "So, I usually grab something quick and cheap for lunch but decided to treat myself to a nice baked spud in an art gallery cafe.

"Half way through said spud, I looked up to see the people on the table nearby were changing a baby's nappy on the table where they'd just eaten.

"My face must have been a bit of a picture because one of the women looked at me as if to say 'what?'.

"Feeling I had to justify myself, I said 'it's just that it's a bit grim changing a baby's nappy on a cafe table'. The woman doing the changing asked if I was a mum. Instead of saying 'what difference would that make?', I said I had two children. She said she didn't realise I was watching. I said it was more of a hygiene thing, but yes, it had put me off my lunch somewhat.

"She replied that it was 'only a bit of wee.'"

A five-foot long worm has been discovered.

The rare species, called giant shipworm, reaching almost two metres in length and six centimetres in diameter has been found in the Philippines.

The creature has been known about for many years but they have only recently been located in South East Asia, as the animal lives its entire life encased inside a shell deep in the ground.

Speaking of the discovery, which has been detailed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Unites States of America (PNAS), and has also been reported on BBC News, Doctor Daniel Distel said: "The strange shells have been found for centuries, because they are very sturdy and they last a long time.

"But we've never known where to find them."

An Austrian town has finished its search to find a new hermit.

Mayor Erich Rohrmoser of Saalfelden decided to choose Belgian Stan Vanuytrecht, a former artillery officer, out of a group of 50 people applied for the position.

As part of his unpaid role Stan will take tourists on a trip to a 350-year-old site built into a cliff, which has no heating, no running water and is habitable only between April and November.