Weird news


April 26, 2017

A man requested for a 'No sex' sign to be placed in his hotel room in a bid to make his partner "feel better" about not wanting to have a night of passion with him that evening.

In a special request to the hotel, the boy wrote: "The girl I am with made it clear that we're not having sex, so can you put a sign somewhere claiming it's a non-sex room like non-smoking rooms to make her feel better," according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The boy shared the image of the note to his Reddit page under the username Robonator7of9 which read: "This is a strict NO SEX ROOM. It is imperative that you do not engage in any form of intercourse. Thank you and happy cuddling."

A breed of sex-mad Spanish slugs are set to invade UK gardens and beer is the only way to stop them.

The six-inch Arion vulgaris is resistant to slug pellets and can consume up to 20 before it dies, and now experts are saying drowning them in pints of beer could be the only way.

A slug expert told The Mirror newspaper the slugs love the taste and are prone to crawling into a puddle of it and dying.

The slugs are highly fertile, and they are mating with the British breed to produce super-hybrids which can survive hot and cold temperatures.

A police officer rescued two miniature goats and had the best day ever driving the goats around.

Louis and Mowgli escaped from their home in Belfast and started wandering the streets when Sergeant Daniel Fitzpatrick tracked them down and put them in his police car.

He then drove around in an attempt to find their owners and took pictures of the two goats in the back of his car.

Daniel said the goats were good company and were returned to their owner, who saw the pictures he took on Facebook.

A group of friends took a wet wipe out on a night out.

Birthday boy Adam Maher was meant to meet his pals for a few drinks for his annual celebration, but he snubbed the idea in favour of spending time with his girlfriend instead.

Although the news didn't go down well with his guys, they didn't let his absence spoil their night out as they took out an antibacterial cloth in his place.

Adam's friend Lee Seagraves told Lad Bible: "We took it upon ourselves to bring him out in spirit as he was being a wet wipe. Lots of his friends were out to join in the celebration. He even got a fair few birthday kisses. He became legless and ended up on the floor. When asked to leave he took his time and 'Roo', the manager, wasn't having it and threw him out as he is always causing trouble and not taking orders lightly."