Weird news


April 28, 2017

A couple get married in a Spam museum.

Mark Benson, 42, and his partner Anna Mousley, 33, are obsessed with the meat treat and decided the best place for them to exchange wedding vows was in the historical venue in Austin, Minnesota.

The ceremony, which was live-streamed on Facebook, was chaired by the food brand's senior manager, Jaynee Sherman, and was attended by 50 people, including their daughters Milly, five, and Evie, four.

Mark who decided to change his middle name by deed poll to I love Spam adorned a custom-made Spam bow tie, while his bride held a flower bouquet that matched the colours on the tin of the precooked meat.

After the pair were pronounced husband and wife, they chomped on doughnuts, cheese pastry and sushi, all of which contained Spam in some form.

And the entire family will enjoy their honeymoon in Waikiki, Hawaii, to make the 15th annual Spam Jam festival on April 29.

A study has found that 77 per cent of people are desperate to have a cleaner to avoid doing the housework.

Research carried out by has revealed almost the entire population of British people would gladly pay someone else to ensure their home is kept tidy so they can avoid doing the chores.

While 72 per cent of people have held their hands up and admitted they can think of nothing worse than hovering, doing the dishes or sweeping up, 42 per cent do not bother cleaning their home at all for over 12 months.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm towards the spring clean, nine per cent of people who took part in the survey spend more than PS1,000 on cleaning appliances.