Weird news


April 29, 2017

Five Guys has been crowned the United Kingdom's No. 1 fast food restaurant by Marketforce.

The burger giant has attracted a huge celebrity following since it landed in the UK, and has seen the likes of Ed Sheeran, Tom Hardy, Mollie King, and Sam Smith walk through its doors and chow down on its delicious cajun fries. And now hungry fast food lovers have rated it the best around, after they were asked to review a string of high street chains on value, quality, money and speed of service, overall cleanliness and staff friendliness.

Diners voted the US burger restaurant as better than Nando's, McDonald's, KFC and Burger King.

In the study of 3,314 British consumers, conducted by the customer experience company Market Force Information, Five Guys had the highest guest satisfaction ratings in an impressive four out of eight categories.

A couple found an alligator sleeping under their car.

John Schindler and his wife were getting ready to leave Eagles Point Apartments in Tampa, Florida, when they spotted the large reptile napping under their motor.

The pair eventually managed to persuade the alligator to move along, but it took an apartment manager and the maintenance supervisor 30 minutes to shift the animal.

The foursome tried to encourage the creature to move to the nearby waterway and was last seen making its way to Lettuce Lake Park, which is known for housing alligators.

According to, it's quite common to find a reptile of that size snoozing under cars as they use it for shade.

KFC will give fans free food and a kitchen tour on May 6.

Paddy McGuinness had a first-hand experience of what the event will entail, as the fried chicken giant announced it will be opening kitchens nationwide to the public and will allow hungry carnivores to get a taste of what really goes on behind the counter.

Over 100 stores will be participating in the Open Kitchen event, which will start at 10 a.m., and in a 60-minute session, ticket holders chicken lovers will learn how the bird arrives fresh each day, see how the chicken is hand-breaded by KFC cooks, and have a go at building their own burger.

Tickets for KFC Open Kitchen are limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

A teenager accidentally swallowed an eight-inch metal spoon.

Doctors at a hospital in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, were stunned when they scanned the student's stomach to find the metal utensil wedged between her organs.

The shocking X-ray was captured on camera and uploaded online before the teenager was rushed to theatre to have the spoon carefully removed from her belly.

After a two-hour operation, the utensil was successfully removed on April 9.