Soap Previews


May 05, 2017
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.


BEAUTIFUL: Zende surprised Nicole when he showed her his new sketches. Knowing that there was a good chance that she would be going to jail for a lengthy period of time, Sally sadly announced to her employees that Spectra Fashions was closing its doors. Thomas confided in Steffy that he wanted to help Sally get through her predicament. Bill learnt from CJ that the Spectra property would be up for sale soon.

Wyatt and Liam grilled their father about his plans to marry Brooke since the last few attempts didn't pan out. Meanwhile, Katie asked Brooke point-blank whether she harboured any feelings for Ridge. Shirley and Saul accompanied Sally to court, while Thomas felt genuine sorrow that Sally could go to prison. Bill found himself on the hot seat when his scruples were questioned regarding the closing of Spectra Fashions.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Lani went behind JJ's back to meet with a drug dealer. Chad told Abigail that he wasn't giving up on her. Tripp suspected that Steve wasn't the one who killed Ava. Jennifer was thrilled when Eric asked her out on a date. JJ raced to save Lani from a life-threatening situation. Rafe brought Hope along to the Hernandez family lunch. Brady asked Eric for an important favour. Marlena got some unsettling news about John.

Nicole tricked her captor and tried to escape with Holly. Tripp questioned Kayla about the day that Ava was killed. Brady urged Eric to go on a rescue mission to find Nicole. Ciara introduced Hope to Wyatt, and her mother was a little sceptical of her daughter's smooth-talking beau. Claire's music career hit another dead end.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason set aside his personal misgivings. Carly threw herself into her work. Sonny used alcohol to cope with his demons. Ava found herself at the right place at the right time. Anna owned up to past mistakes. Ned made an important announcement. Lucy enlisted Dante's help. Sonny entertained an enemy. Carly had a momentary lapse in judgment. Nathan was met with disappointment. Sonny was caught off guard.

Tracy's bond with Monica was stronger than ever. Carly sensed something was amiss. Amy took on the planning of the Nurses Ball. Michael delivered a warning. Griffin had some bad news. Brad planted the seeds of doubt. Ava put two and two together. Sonny had a renewed sense of confidence.


RESTLESS: Nick learnt that Victor was donating money to the GC Memorial to have a medical centre named after Nikki. Victoria lamented about keeping their family secret from Billy. Nikki told Victoria that she had a way to put Billy's questions to rest.

Nick warned Chelsea to be wary of any gift from his father. Jack visited Nikki and asked her what was going on between her and Victor. Victoria decided to take the Brash & Sassy staff to dinner, which ruined Billy's dinner plans with Phyllis. Later, Phyllis crashed Ravi and Ashley's date at Top of the Tower. At the same restaurant, Lily found out Devon and Mariah were dating. Ashley covered her insecurities about dating the much younger Ravi. Billy snuck off to meet Phyllis. Hilary was seething with jealousy over Devon dating Mariah.