Weird news


May 09, 2017

A boy's lost cell phone ended up in a New Jersey garbage dump and survived.

Ethan Roncace's phone got thrown away at a high school in Haddon Township last Monday.

His father, Craig, tells WCAU-TV in Philadelphia that he used an app to track the phone and saw it was on the move. The signal led the family to the Covanta waste-to-energy facility in Camden.

He suited up and started digging through a mountain of trash. He recovered the phone in 30 minutes and it still worked.

Workers were close to dumping the trash into a 50-foot-high (15 metres) and 25-foot deep (seven metres) pile of garbage.

Covanta's Rich Harrington says there's a little better than 50 per cent success rate when they can identify the trash truck.

Call it a 'kid'-napping. When St Paul, Minnesota, police early Friday searched a GMC Yukon Denali that had crashed following a chase, they found an unlikely victim in the cargo area.

Four people fled the sports-utility vehicle, but Gordy the goat was found lying down with an orange electrical cord around his neck.

Police said Gordy had been abducted at Indian Mounds Park from a herd of goats that had been rented by the St Paul Parks and Recreation department. Their job: To eat invasive plants on a difficult-to-reach bluff along the Mississippi River.

It was the St Paul Police Department's first known case of goat-thieving, said spokesman Steve Linders. The motive is still a mystery.

"I wish I knew," said Clare Cloyd, a spokeswoman from St Paul Parks and Recreation, which was only three days into its experiment with the goat herd when the theft occurred.

Linders said two 29-year-old men were arrested on potential charges of gross misdemeanour theft and fleeing police.

Gordy was returned unharmed to the park. Some of his herd had escaped through a damaged fence and were rounded up, according to park officials. Since then, a police Facebook post about the incident has gotten an usual amount of attention with comments like "stealing really gets my goat."

Cop fired for waving gun, quoting Denzel Washington

A Florida sheriff's deputy is out of a job after officials say he waved his firearm and stun gun while quoting lines from Denzel Washington's character in 'Training Day', a movie about a corrupt law enforcement officer.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Lake County Deputy Dean Zipes was fired on April 21.

Authorities say Zipes rubbed his pistol and Taser together in the direction of a convenience store in front of a police trainee. An internal affairs review says the action replicates a scene from the 2001 movie.

Zipes told investigators he was trying to be funny.

The report says Zipes twice pulled his firearm in an office setting, voiced racial slurs, made a motion to draw his gun at a pizza delivery boy and became upset after not receiving free Starbucks coffee.