Weird news


May 10, 2017

A man had to call emergency services after getting an eel stuck inside his bum.

According to the Metro newspaper, a male was believed to call on his friends to help insert the Asian swamp eel into his anus for sexual kicks.

The man's pals claimed they helped with the task at hand as a joke, but the matter was out of their control when the fish swam into his body and disappeared out of sight.

The patient is now recovering and will reportedly not suffer from long-term injuries.

The eel, which was removed by surgeons from Second People's Hospital of Yibin, southwest China, was apparently still alive when it was taken out.

A 'scorned' woman clutched on to the windscreen of her husbands' car as he drove away with his mistress.

The footage, filmed in Pretoria, South Africa, captures the woman clinging desperately on to her partner's vehicle for dear life as she tried to speak to the driver and his female lover, as it travelled along a busy road.

Norah Pitje, who posted the video on Facebook on Monday, wrote: "This woman found her man with his side chick. She somehow jumped on the car, and the idiot man, protecting his side chick so badly, drove with her on his bonnet."

Another clip shows the car came to a standstill further down the road as crowds gathered to watch the domestic spectacle.

The video captures the husband as he gets out of the car, only for him to be grabbed by both women, who appear to be fighting over him.

The video has been viewed more than 17,000 times since being posted on social media.

A journey was disrupted after llamas were reportedly spotted on the train tracks.

A group of commuters travelling between Hildenborough and Sevenoaks experienced delays after a bunch of "six to eight" domesticated South African camelid were seen near the tracks in Kent on Monday at around 8:30 a.m.

A spokesperson for Southeastern Rail told The Mirror Online: "Network Rail warned us this morning that six to eight llamas were seen near the line around Hildenborough. We're not sure how they got there or where they were going, but we can assume they weren't trying to catch the train."

A pair of Greggs leggings have caused a stir on social media.

The fashion item, which have been dubbed Greggins, have been modelled by a firm on Instagram called Love Layla Designs, and show a person wearing the tight-fitting trousers that have the iconic blue and white Greggs bakery logo and slogan, 'Always Fresh, Always Tasty', emblazoned on.

While it's not yet known if and where the Greggins can be purchased, or if they have been created by the food chain, plenty of bakery fans are desperate to get their hands on a pair.

One fan who shared the image on Twitter wrote: "When Greggs is life! These will be selling like hot cakes at Primark before you know it. (sic)."

And some were left feeling hungry at the thought of the new product, one confessed: "aaaaaand now I was a pasty (sic)".

However, some social media users were sceptical about the garment.

One wrote: "Fashion gone too far?" Another added: "Who would wear these? (sic)."

However, it's not unusual for Greggs to branch out and launch a clothing line, as last year it released two beauty products in time for Christmas, which included a sweet mince pie and a Festive Pasty lip balm.