Soap Previews


May 12, 2017
@Normal:Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on 'The Young and the Restless'.
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Having waited for what seemed like forever to marry Brooke, Bill planned a beautiful private ceremony to take place sooner rather than later. A concerned RJ confronted his mother about marrying Bill, knowing that she still had feelings for Ridge. As Brooke was getting ready for her wedding, Katie questioned her sister about which man she planned to marry when she walked down the aisle. Quinn made a phone call, which she hoped would fix the problem that she helped cause. Nicole and Zende made a decision about their marriage after spending a significant amount of time with another family member. The day was finally here when Brooke walked down to greet her groom, but would she say "I do"?

Watch for: A budding designer's dream becomes a reality when a career opportunity arises. A young woman learns that she is unable to achieve a long-time goal. Guilt becomes overwhelming for a recipient of a lifesaving favour.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Deimos' plan started to fall apart when Xander presented a new list of demands. Gabi and Chad were stunned to run into each other in Greece. Eric and Nicole worked together to escape. Dario received some surprising news and asked Abigail for a favour. Nicole was reunited with Holly. Xander and Eric went over their past as Xander made plans to find Nicole. Kayla informed Brady that his condition was getting worse. Marlena shared an emotional reunion with John. Abigail thought about accepting Dario's proposal. Chad confided in Gabi about the amulet. Lani urged Eli to fight for Gabi. Chloe got a new job opportunity. Chad and Gabi were held at knifepoint by a thief. Eli made a difficult decision. Theo blurted out the truth to Ciara.

Watch for: Deimos refocuses on his main agenda. Sonny and Paul jump Guy and deliver him into JJ's custody. Ciara is horrified to learn of Theo and Wyatt's lie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Valentin rose to the challenge. Franco returned to Port Charles. Jason had a heart-to-heart talk with Jake. Alexis made significant progress. Michael made a startling discovery. Anna gained an ally and then got the upper hand. Liz was extremely hopeful. Jake's hobby seemed very promising. Lulu caught a break with Charlotte. Nina confided in Andre. Martina made a house call. Michael was rebuffed. Bobbie wanted what was best for Carly. Robin sensed something was amiss. Michael ran into Kiki. Nelle felt all alone, while Lulu was surrounded by family. Hayden laid a trap. Nathan came to Anna's rescue. Lucy was won over. Carly ran into Ava. Hayden didn't know what to believe anymore.

Watch for: Scott begs Ava not to tempt fate. Nathan's evening takes a positive turn. Bobbie tells a white lie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Billy convinced Victoria to move up her travel plans for the commercial shoot. She then hired Jordan for the job, who in turn invited Hilary on the trip. Juliet tried to lift Cane's spirits, but he felt shut out by Billy and Victoria. Phyllis did her best to hide her disappointment when Billy told her about his trip with Victoria. Sharon confessed to Scott that she wasn't officially divorced yet. They later connected as they talked about her work at the crisis hotline. Abby admitted to her mother that she was the one who reached out to Dina. Nick wished that Chelsea would give up on looking for Chloe. Ashley gloated to Phyllis that Billy and Victoria were probably already back together. Victor later gave Chelsea false information on how to track Chloe.

Watch for: Noah grows suspicious of Tessa. Hilary plots the ultimate revenge. Victoria makes a decision about the future of Brash & Sassy.