Weird News


May 19, 2017

KFC has scrapped its secret original recipe.

The fast-food chain has ditched its popular formula used on succulent chicken pieces that are on the bone, in favour of a new Nashville Hot chicken-flavoured dish inspired by the chicken shacks in Tennessee.

The new feast, which was believed to have been created by the owners of Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, will see the meaty pieces seasoned with cayenne pepper and paprika batter served with slices of gherkins on top.

The Nashville Hot chicken will be available to tuck into in KFC for a limited time when it hits restaurants on May 22, although they will be discontinued on June 18.

And the original recipe will still be served to delve into nationwide.

A girl was rushed to hospital after a spider crawled out of her leg.

An eight-year-old child named Scarlett Hinchliffe was enjoying a relaxing bath, only to notice the eight-legged creature clambering out of a small wound she had on her limb.

According to the Metro newspaper, it is believed that the incident occurred after the youngster walked through the woods with her mother, Jodi, where it is thought she was bitten by a spider.

Scarlett is currently taking antibiotics in a bid to recover from the incident.

A goat has been born with one eye and one ear.

The disabled animal was born with the single organs last week and has been hailed as a miracle among people living in a village in India.

It is believed that the residents have reportedly started to worship the four-legged creature because a vet predicted that the goat would not survive for long after it was born because the kid suffered from the defect titled cyclopia, which is a congenital disorder that occurs when the embryonic forebrain does not divide the eye socket into two.

Despite the goat's disability, it's owner, Mukhuri Das, has been treating him like a "normal goat".

Speaking to the Metro Online, Mukhuri said: "I was shocked. It's like a miracle, and people have been coming to our place to see this baby goat.

"It's my responsibility to take care of the baby goat. I have been feeding him like a normal goat.

"It might be something from God that the baby goat was born in our house."

A student wrote his essay in a nightclub and received top marks.

The 21-year-old pupil, who is in his second year at the University of Gloucestershire, where he studies business management, was caught on camera typing away on his laptop in a bid to meet a deadline, while his friends were partying around him.

The clip shows Lawrence locked away in his room trying to complete his essay while his housemates partied and continually disturbed his studies.

However, Lawrence feared missing out and decided to bring his laptop with him to the venue so he could party with his friends and finish his work at the same time.

Lawrence can be seen submitting his essay online in the nightclub one minute before the deadline in footage, which has been posted on Facebook and has received over 100,000 views.

A few days later Lawrence revealed that he received top marks for the piece.