Weird news


May 25, 2017

Almost half a million Instagram photos of Machu Picchu are virtually identical.

Travellers headed to Peru love to flock to the landmark, and with the trend for sharing holiday photos online, new research from Sony Mobile found 85 per cent of pictures posted on the site are taken from one of three angles.

The #XperiaNewPerspectives study found Paris' Eiffel Tower to be the most photographed landmark, followed by London's Big Ben, and The Louvre, also found in the French Capital, while New York's Empire State Building and Dubai's Burj Kahlifa rounded out the top five.

More than half of respondents admitted they would plan their travelling itinerary based on photography opportunities, but they need to up their game as 47 per cent of those surveyed said they are bored of seeing the same three shots of various landmarks.

With 77 per cent of people taking their Mount Fiji photos from the same three spots, 71 per cent of Christ the Redeemer pictures baring startling similarities and 74 per cent of Trevi Fountain images proving to be repetitive, Sony Mobile partnered with three award-winning photographers to visit some of the leading landmarks and capture them from new perspectives.

The images were captured on the Xperia XZ; the pocket-sized professional camera with 'true-to-life' colour image capture.

Man pays big buck to help dog pass gas

A man has forked out over PS200 to cure his dog's trapped wind.

Stuart Weir, 52, feared his Yorkshire Terrier Alf was suffering from a severe illness when his pet pooch's stomach "blew up like a balloon", and decided to take his four legged friend to the vet's to get an X-ray to rule out any major problems.

But when his pet lay down on the examining table he let out an almighty bottom burp and was cured. But his owner was left feeling hard done by and thinks it was the "most expensive fart on record."

Speaking to The Daily Post Online, Stuart said: "It was around 10:30 p.m. at night that Alf started acting funny, his stomach blew up like a balloon.

"I went on the Internet to see what it could be, and read that it could be a potentially fatal stomach twist so I called the vet out of hours.

"The vet agreed to come out and meet me.

"She told me a twisted stomach is unusual and only really happens with larger dogs, but said she would X-ray him. However, in order to do so, a nurse would have to be present.

"A little while later, the vet called me in and I was hit by a terrible smell.

"She told me that as Alf had been lying down ready for his X-ray, he let out a terrible fart, he deflated somewhat as a result.

"It turned out to be the most expensive fart on record."

A study has discovered educated women are 70 per cent more likely to have an affair.

Research carried out by the dating site, VictoriaMilan, has found females who have attended secondary school, college, and have obtained an undergraduate or master's degree are more likely to stray from their partners, while 65 per cent of men are more likely to enjoy a romp with someone other than their loved one.

The survey has also revealed almost 40 per cent of men and women have openly admitted to being unfaithful while in a relationship.

The study has claimed men and women who have gained a doctorate, or failed to pass their exams in secondary school are least likely to cheat.

The CEO of VictoriaMilan, Sigurd Vedal, said: "People with university credentials are the ones most likely to have an affair and those with limited education are the most faithful."

Australian League Football (ALF) players have turn their teammates into breaded chicken.

The sporting gang decided to punish fellow teammates who have been late to training or have made errors during matches by turning them into the meat feast of chicken schnitzel.

The players were forced to jump into freezing sea before they rolled around in the sand on St Kilda beach in Melbourne, Australia, to resemble the breadcrumb-covered snack.

The ALF players were then forced to run to the end of the pier and jump back in the ocean.

And according to The Herald Sun, it is believed the unusual method of reprimanding the team has proved successful as many of the players have cleaned up their act and started to perform better in a bid to avoid the embarrassment again.