Weird news


May 26, 2017

A black man has had his penis tattooed after he was given a white man's willy in an organ transplant.

The 40-year-old man has been unable to get frisky under the sheets or urinate standing up after his circumcision went wrong and hacked off his nether regions.

According to The Mirror newspaper, a white male's genitalia was offered to the male to replace his damaged member.

However, the "colour discrepancy" did not matter to the male as he planned to have his private parts inked a few months after the operation.

Professor Andre Van der Merwe, who oversaw the medical procedure, said: "The patient is black, and the donor was white.

"We have very few donors for this transplant procedure. But that is the only issue left.

"He is doing remarkably well.

"There are no signs of rejection, and all the reconnected structures seem to be healing well.

"The patient is expected to regain all urinary and reproductive functions of the organ within six months of the transplant.

"A colour discrepancy between the recipient and the donor organ will be corrected with medical tattooing between six to eight months after the operation."

The male who has remained unnamed has a fully functioning penis and is "already" getting erections.