Weird News


May 31, 2017

A Tokyo bathhouse is offering classes on topics ranging from comedy to gaming in hopes of luring younger bathers and reversing Japan's dying tradition of communal baths.

During one recent session of the 'naked school' at the Hinodeyu bathhouse, nine men sat around the bath, listening to an expert on the ancient board game Go.

"I think young people would be interested and come back to communal baths if they knew these kind of classes are offered here," Tadashi Manayama, a 37-year-old architect, said after class.

Yuichi Tamura, manager of the Hinodeyu, operated by his family since 1939, said many young people had never been to a communal bath because most homes have modern bathrooms.

"I wanted to give them a reason to visit us by offering an odd event like this naked school," Tamura told Reuters Television.

A Florida woman wants to know why someone unplugged a bounce house, causing it to deflate with nearly a dozen young children inside during her daughter's first birthday party.

CBS 12 reports two children suffered minor injuries after they were briefly trapped under the heavy plastic during the May 21 party in the backyard of a home in Port St Lucie, about 114 miles (183 kilometres) north of Miami.

The home's surveillance video shows an older man briefly standing at the fence looking at the partygoers, before unplugging a cord from an electric outlet on the side of the home as he walked towards the street.

Police canvassed the area but couldn't identify the man in the video.

A 73-year-old Australian fisherman said Monday that he caught a far bigger fish than he hoped for when a 2.7-metre (9-foot) great white shark leapt into his boat, knocking him off his feet.

Terry Selwood was left with a badly bruised and bleeding right arm where the airborne shark struck him with a pectoral fin as it landed on him on the deck of the 4.5-metre (15-foot) powerboat Saturday off Evans Head, 725 kilometres (450 miles) north of Sydney.

Selwood sprang up on the gunnel at the bow of the boat to avoid the thrashing shark and steadied himself by clinging to the tubular metal frame of the sun shelter, known as a bimini.

"I didn't give it a chance to look me in the eyes. I wanted to get up and get on top of the gunnel because it was thrashing around madly," Selwood told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

The coast guard crew rescued Selwood, but left the shark alone. The shark was estimated to weigh 200 kilograms (440 pounds).

A Massachusetts judge has denied a man's request to juggle during his trial to show jurors he was just clowning around when he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store.

The Republican reports a Springfield judge on Thursday rejected Orlando Melendez's request to juggle for jurors when the case goes to trial. He claimed in his written motion that he is a real clown.

Melendez has pleaded not guilty to charges he used a toy gun to try to rob a convenience store in December.

The 20-year-old man, who is representing himself, asked that he be allowed to juggle three wads of paper for 20 seconds to show jurors that the alleged attempted robbery was a misunderstanding.

Jury selection is set to begin June 8.