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June 02, 2017
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Convinced that Quinn was the reason for being let go from her position at Forrester Creations, Katie was unable to rid her mind of the venom she felt towards her nemesis. Maya and Rick cut short their trip to Paris in order to return home to family. Quinn was afraid to leave the house. Rick explained to Zende the true reason he and Maya decided to return. Lt Baker interrogated Ridge about why someone would want to hurt Quinn. Meanwhile, Quinn went to confront her own chief suspect. In an attempt to get Steffy and Sally to set aside their differences, Thomas arranged a double date at Il Giardino. Sally proved to Thomas how much she wanted to be friends with Steffy by donning a new look that she anticipated would impress his sister. Lt. Baker interrogated Katie.

Watch For: Former lovers come face to face for the first time since their definitive separation. The target of a serious threat fears for her life. A ruthless businessman refuses to back off of a vendetta.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Abigail didn't trust Dario's story. Lani discovered some unsettling news about the island. Kate made a shocking move. Chad and Gabi's feelings continued to grow. The castaways began to panic when they realised that Eli was missing. Hope questioned Myron and grew more suspicious of Dario. John was summoned to return to his ISA mission and prepared to say goodbye to Marlena. Sonny feared for Paul's safety. Gabi was knocked unconscious.

Watch For: Steve uncovers information regarding Adrienne's competitor. Tripp starts to formulate his plan to punish Kayla for Ava's death. Chloe makes a surprise appearance at Nicole's hearing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly second-guessed herself. Kiki offered her full support. Scotty worried about his fate. Sonny confided in Laura. Jordan asked TJ a big favour. Sam found herself on edge. Jason was determined to find out who was doing Helena's bidding. Anna stopped by Lulu's. Amy had a favour to ask. Jason got ahead of his enemy. Liz took great pains to keep Jake safe. Sam was less than thrilled to see her mother. Olivia got some surprising news. Nathan gained a little perspective. Jason learnt the truth, while Sam had a premonition. Lulu and Dante were in over their heads. Kevin whisked Laura away. Jason was taken aback. Ned and Olivia made a big decision. Michael had something important to discuss with Nelle. Ava was devastated by what she saw.

Watch For: A friendly game leads to some painful memories. TJ's secret is revealed. Josslyn gets in over her head.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Billy told Phyllis he wanted to make the most of each day and asked to move in with her, and Phyllis joyfully accepted. At the GCAC, Ashley overheard Graham wrapping up a call saying that he and Dina were returning to Paris. Ashley wondered if Graham was taking advantage of her mother or if she was ill, but he said that he was simply Dina's protector. Victor pressed Abby to admit to secretly starting the incubator and purchasing the warehouse. Reed invited Mattie to open mic night. Later, Mattie told Lily that she met someone. Lauren cornered Sharon and mentioned that she was worried about her dating Scott because of her complicated history. Gloria overheard and warned Lauren that her opposition would just push her son and Sharon closer together.

Watch For: Nikki questions Tessa's loyalty. Neil fears that his family will be torn apart. Cane plots his next move.