Weird news


June 07, 2017

A couple drank each other's blood as a "renewal of their love"

Denis Alberto and his girlfriend, Ilaria, met online three years ago, and have remained devoted to one another ever since. They proved this by guzzling their bodily fluid as they consider the act to be the same as marrying one another and wearing wedding rings.

Speaking to The Mirror Online, Denis, 30, said: "Blood is a mythological bodily juice. It means life for us.

"We drink our blood for the renewal of our love, as a sign of our bond, like married couples wear rings."

The pair do not carry out the act like a stereotypical vampire by biting one another's necks, but they use disinfectant, clean syringes and medical needles to extract the blood, which they then sip on from glass vials.

However, Ilaria, 20, consumes more of her partner's blood because her partner doesn't want his girlfriend's body to scar from piercing it to get the fluid.

A man was filmed having sex with a woman while driving 45 mph on a motorway.

The Hyundai driver, who has remained unnamed, was spotted by passengers in another car enjoying a quick romp on a motorway in Moscow.

The footage captures a woman in a red ensemble straddling the male while he cruises along the road.

The clip has since gone viral after being shared on a Russian social networking site, The Mirror Online has reported.

After posting the video, a report penned by the group that uploaded the clip read: "This guy is a true Caesar. He is doing several things at the same time. He is driving his car and having sex.

"We only hope that this risky couple did not break any traffic rules. We do not recommend repeating it."