Weird news


June 12, 2017

A former waste management worker has creatively built his own home using McDonald's food wrappers and plastic bottles.

The Sun newspaper reports that Angus Carnie turned the rubbish into materials to build his two-bedroom home near Dundee.

Speaking to the paper Angus, 55, said: "People thought I was bonkers, but I said 'I'll manage I'm Scottish'."

The price Angus paid overall for his new home was roughly around PS15,000 a massive reduction from current properties on the market.

Angus reportedly started the production on his ideal home after surviving a brain tumour scare.

A ring bought at a car-boot sale for PS10 fetched more than PS600,000 at an auction.

The ring was bought by a London woman back in the 1980s who, according to the Metro newspaper, thought it was just costume jewellery.

However, the woman took the ring to Sotheby's auction house earlier this year, and it was revealed that it was a genuine 26.27-carat diamond.

The ring fetched a whopping PS656,750 at an auction on Wednesday.

More than half of children are embarrassed by their mum and dad's clothing choice, according to a new poll.

The charity chain Oxfam found that socks with sandals, eccentric hats and wearing leggings on school runs is a no-go for the children, The Sun reports.

Some of the children also said they cannot bear to be seen with their parents if they are wearing bright clothing or Crocs.

Oxfam did the survey as part of its Dressed By The Kids fundraiser on June 16 which aims at making children put adults in bizarre get-ups.

A Ravensbourne University graduate will jet across the globe after he won compare the's Travel Advisor competition.

Joe Thompson, who studied Digital Photography, has secured the once in a lifetime opportunity, and will capture his experiences on video, after receiving thousands of votes.

Joe is delighted with his forthcoming venture, and said: "I was extremely happy to get the news that I have won the Compare The Market competition. Not only will it be an amazing trip, it will set up my career as a travel and landscape photographer after university and improve my portfolio immensely."

In addition, he's also secured PS5,000 for his Student Union.

"The PS5,000 will be put to good use at my universities SU, who have done a fantastic job in looking after us during our time at Ravensbourne. Thanks to Compare the Market for this amazing opportunity!"