Weird News


June 14, 2017

Weird News

A group of British tourists have been fined for stripping and running through the streets of Majorca.

The group of about 20 men left their hotel stark naked, ran through the streets of Palmanova and went for a swim in the sea before they then ran back to their establishment.

Some wore hats and sunglasses to hide their identity as they covered their private parts with their hands, while other opted to let it all hang loose, the Metro newspaper reports.

Their route took them passed a children's park and 18 of the men were fined for exposing themselves in public after being tracked down by the police.

According to the newspaper the men paid the fine and apologised.

A woman stuffed a dead tarantula inside her boyfriend's cheese toastie.

The Mirror Online reports Kirsty Matthews was making her boyfriend Daniel Brookes a cheese, pepperoni, ham, jalapenos and chilli sauce crusty sandwich, before she decided to spice things up a little by adding the huge spider to the meal.

Although zebra tarantulas are edible, Daniel wasn't expecting his toastie to have the unique flavour it did and merrily munched on the savoury snack before opening up the slices to find the squashed spider inside. He then rushed to the bathroom to be sick.

It's not known whether couple stayed together following Kirsty's prank.

A couple have been caught and filmed having sex up against a glass bus stop during the day.

Debbie Moir spotted the frisky pair after she wondered whether she would take her mum's dog for a walk, the Metro reports.

The couple, who look to be in their 20s, were seen at the bus stop in Elgin in Scotland and Debbie, 26, filmed them before uploading it online.

The raunchy duo were filmed for around 10 minutes and Debbie says the pathway is usually taken by children and other pedestrians but, because it was raining, not many people were about.

A campaign has been set up for people to drop their pants and show their bare buttocks when Donald Trump comes for the state meeting in the United Kingdom.

The campaign #ShowYourRumpToTrump was set up following the President's comments made about London Mayor Sadiq Khan following the London terror attack.

President Trump criticised Sadiq's words to Londoners telling them they 'shouldn't be alarmed' and the campaign was set up to defend the Mayor, according to the Metro.

Now the President has cancelled his visit.