Weird News


June 16, 2017

A granddaughter smuggled her grandmother's beloved pet dog into hospital to cheer her up.

Shelby Hennick's grandparent was in hospital and was consequently separated from her four-legged friend, so her relative decided to wrap the animal in a towel and cradle the pooch in her arms to make it look like a baby, because animals are not allowed into medical sites.

Shelby was able to pull off her clever plot much to her grandmother's surprise, and she took to social media to share the news of her successful scheming.

The youngster shared a picture of her holding the dog in a blue blanket on her Twitter account, which she captioned: "My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog. So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it (sic)."

Although some social media users have slammed Shelby for breaking the rules, others praised her for going through with the act and revealed they have also sneakily brought pets in for their loved ones.