Weird news


June 20, 2017

'Wonder Woman' has seen a surge of people search for flights to the fictional island of Themyscira.

The fantasy film, starring actress Gal Gadot, was released last month, and since it hit the big screens, it has encouraged adventurous

holidaymakers to search for vacations to the mythical home of the Amazons, flight booking site has reported.

However, a trip to the idyllic destination is not possible, and travel agents have been forced to advise travellers on alternative destinations to jet off to.

Steven Davis of said, "It's amazing to see the influence Wonder Woman has had on holidaymakers. While many have been empowered by the superhero, others were keen to fly to the Land of the Amazons to experience the true beauty of the island themselves. Although we can't fly people to Themyscira, we have plenty of flights to magical places around the world to explore."

A survey has found more than half of British men have picked up their dad's mannerisms.

Research carried out by Deezer has found 44 per cent of people believe they utter the same phrases as their parent, while 43 per cent of people said they see their dad when they look in a mirror.

However, 37 per cent of those who took part in the study have admitted they have passed on the same lessons they learnt and pieces of advice they were told when they were younger.

The study has also discovered 50 years old is the typical age when British men officially turn into their dads, as they refuse to throw out old clothes and moan about the number of lights being left on in the house.