Weird news


June 21, 2017

weird news

Pigs bites of farmer's penis

A farmer has died after his pig bit off his penis.

The 60-year-old worker, named Miguel Anaya Pablo, is believed to have passed away after he was embroiled in a physical fight with the animal after a boozy night out in south-western Mexico's state of Oaxaca, which saw the four-legged friend chomp down on three of the man's fingers, as well as his genitalia.

According to the Metro Online, the farmer was immediately rushed to hospital, but it has been reported he did not make it through the treatment, and died due to bacterial infections.

Men arrested for stealing avocados

Three man have been arrested for stealing $300,000 [PS235,000] worth of avocados.

The price of the popular fruit has increased dramatically lately due to high demand for the health food across the globe.

The trio - Carlos Chavez, 28, Rahim Leblanc, 30, and Joseph Valenzuela, 38 - were arrested last Wednesday.

Sgt John Franchi from Ventura county sheriff's department says they are taking the thefts "seriously", as it was in California that the crime took place, where avocados are sought after.

According to The Daily Telegraph newspaper, the officer said: "We take these kinds of thefts seriously. It's a big product here and in California."