Soap Previews


June 23, 2017
@Normal:Dominic Zamprogna portrays 'Dante' on General Hospital
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Sally and Thomas brainstormed how to portray to the public that Spectra Fashions is now a reputable company. RJ questioned Coco on whether her job at Forrester was having a negative effect on her relationship with Sally. In spite of Zende's reassurances, Nicole struggled with the idea of possibly giving away her only chance of having a child. Maya felt betrayed and confused about her sister refusing to sign baby Lizzy's adoption papers. Thomas began settling in as the lead designer of Spectra Fashions. While at a business lunch at Il Giardino, Brooke was blindsided when a nemesis from her past asked her for forgiveness. Wyatt didn't think it was funny when Bill joked about the threats against Quinn's life. During a staff meeting at Forrester Creations, the chemistry between Ridge and Quinn was noticed by everyone but Eric.

Watch for: A business meeting turns personal when the mention of an ex comes up. A husband reminds his newly-wed wife why she married him. Forbidden lovers make an attempt to end their inappropriate rendezvous.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole found out that Chloe was moving to New York. Steve confronted Jade and Tripp about the surprise they had in store for Kayla. Jennifer discovered Eric's letters to Nicole. With help from an unlikely source, Hope and Rafe closed in on Deimos. Nicole and Brady were stunned by Chloe's decision. Chad learned that Abigail was planning to marry Dario. Hope and Rafe got a huge break in their case. Deimos and Sonny got into a physical altercation. Later, Gabi and Victor handed the reins over to Sonny. After a heart-to-heart with Marlena, Claire returned Ciara's letter to Theo. Julie presented Eli with a lavish gift. Nicole and Brady's family bliss with Holly was short-lived.

Watch for: Nicole starts her community service working with Eric at the Horton Center. Tripp makes his first move to get revenge against Kayla. Theo comes to a big decision about Claire.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nathan extended his support. Nina came to Nelle's rescue. Josslyn entered her rebellious phase. Carly and Sonny reminisced about their past. Julian received an important offer. Sonny let his guard down. Sam received some promising news. Nelle's luck took a sudden turn. Lulu surprised Dante. Nathan drew the line. Sam questioned her reaction. A friendly game led to some painful memories. Laura cleared up any confusion. TJ's secret was revealed. Jason's timing couldn't be better. Carly pulled back. Michael spent time with Nelle. TJ did some damage control. Josslyn was getting in over her head. Kiki comforted Ava as she recovered from her burns. Hayden summoned Curtis.

Watch for: Ava stonewalls Dante. Nina resorts to blackmail. Sam's health becomes an issue.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Ashley informed Ravi that her brother had a plan to split up Dina and Graham. Sharon watched as Zack took a mysterious phone call. Hilary told Juliet that she would not be testifying on her behalf in her sexual harassment lawsuit against Brash & Sassy. The lingering but suppressed chemistry between Devon and Hilary was palpable. Nikki was stressed while practising the piano for her upcoming concert. Abby agreed to go on another date with Zack. Ravi told Ashley he would help her dig up dirt on Graham. Abby and Scott felt that selling tickets to Nikki's concert was a task beneath them. Jordan caught Chelsea up on the lawsuit against Brash & Sassy and revealed that it made him view Hilary in a different light. Chelsea wondered if Jordan had romantic feelings for Lily.

Watch for: Jack takes advantage of an enemy's weakness. Lily learns the shocking truth about Cane and Juliet. Jill returns home to a very unpleasant surprise.