Weird news


June 23, 2017

A video of a woman shaving her face on public transport has gone viral.

A female, who has remained unnamed, was caught on camera whipping out a razor to trim her facial hair on a moving bus.

The clip of the woman completing her ablutions, which has been obtained on the Mirror Online, has caused a stir among social media users who have praised the woman for managing her time effectively.

One viewer commented on the video, and wrote:

"Maximising her time."

Olympic gold medallist Laura Kenny has been spotted delivering healthy meals on the streets of London.

The British track and road cyclist has joined forces with Pod Food as its brand ambassador in an attempt to try to get people to eat cleaner across England's capital.

As part of her partnership with the brand which prides itself on offering healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks for their customers the sportswoman personally cycled with her bump across England's capital to hand over the nutritional feasts that have been ordered by the company's customers.