Weird News


June 29, 2017

A woman had to have a sexy toy removed from her backside after it got stuck in there.

Emily Georgia, 20, was taken to hospital after the man she was having sex with got excited and pushed the toy too hard, which nearly led to her having to have a colostomy bag fitted, the Metro reports.

Attempts were made to manually get the toy out, but they decided to leave it in and let it naturally fall-out.

Emily went to hospital with her friend where doctors told her that there was a risk of the stainless steel toy perforating her bowels due to a sharp edge.

In March, Emily underwent an hour-long surgery, and following the operation, the nurses offered the toy back to her and she accepted.

Passengers found an infestation of crabs at an airport carousel.

The crustaceans were spotted by the passengers as many waited to collect their suitcases, and as the carousel moved around, more and more crabs were seen, many holding on to bags, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

One of the passengers filmed the strange ordeal of the Finding Nemo-esque, escape and it is not known which airport this happened at, but some suggest it in New York City.

The crabs appeared to have escaped from the box they were being shipped in as someone was seen with a crate filled with the sea creatures.