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June 30, 2017
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Thomas suggested to Sally that they crash the Forrester photo shoot. While in the middle of an intense talk with Julius, Nicole was put on the spot by her family. Katie invited Wyatt in for lunch and strategised on ways to promote Forrester Creations' new collection. Later, Steffy and Katie got Ridge on board with their plan to unveil a swimwear line at the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo. Charlie and Pam argued about the alleged affair between Quinn and Ridge. Quinn pulled out all the stops for Eric 'just because,' and the two shared their commitment to one another. Katie recruited the Forrester Creations staff, including Steffy, to take part in a photo shoot that previewed the new swimwear line. Sally began to get excited when she saw Thomas' designs for Spectra's newest collection. Steffy announced Katie's new position to the press.

Watch for: The competition between two rival companies heats up. A guilty party contemplates coming clean. A fun date turns disastrous.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Salem residents gathered at the Martin house to celebrate the big rescue from the Greek island. Paul was alarmed to discover that Sonny had the cursed amulet. Chad and Abigail were both filled with emotion when they learnt that their divorce was final. Nicole and Eric were forced to work together to promote the Horton Center. Deimos slipped Halo into the guests' drinks at the Martin house party, resulting in Chad and Abigail imagining they were renewing their wedding vows, Nicole and Eric sharing a kiss, and Rafe proposing to Hope. The party was over as everyone awoke from their Halo-induced sleep to find themselves with strange bedfellows. Gabi stumbled on to a dead body, and Raines arrived to tell them that they were all suspects. Meanwhile, Hope had a potentially life-threatening reaction to the drug.

Watch for: JJ is charged with murder. Sonny has a startling memory. Dario asks Abigail to marry him right away.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Monica kept vigil. Sam had a change of heart. Sonny faced a tough road ahead of him. Kristina offered a sincere apology. Finn held his tongue. Julian made his case. Spencer wanted what he felt was his. Charlotte missed Valentin. Sonny imparted his wisdom. Ava stonewalled Dante. Scotty was dismissed. Nina resorted to blackmail. Nelle's happiness was infectious. Ned had a serious talk with Dillon. Anna gave Jordan an update. Finn looked for a final resolution. Watch for: Sam's health becomes an issue. Curtis and Jordan reconcile. Nina receives a call from Valentin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nick bent the truth and told Sharon that his family was freezing Victor out because of his role in Adam's escape. Cane called Hilary out for all the problems she caused and demanded that she stay away from Lily. Meanwhile, Devon asked Lily if there was a chance Cane lied about sleeping with Juliet. Cane arrived home, and Lily decided to stand by him. A furious Victor found Jack hugging Nikki and ordered him to stay away from his wife. Jill returned to Genoa City and was shocked that Billy and Phyllis were back together. Nick was tempted to tell Chelsea the truth about Victor and Chloe but held back, as he was worried it would ruin their relationship. Colin advised Cane to stick to his story about Tokyo in order to hold on to his family. Jill received good news about her health from the cardiologist.

Watch for: Neil and Devon host a Fourth of July bash. Victoria cleans house at Brash & Sassy. Nick urges his mom to cancel her concert.