Weird News


July 03, 2017

An island has emerged from the sea in the Bermuda Triangle.

The mile-long sandbank has appeared in the North Atlantic Ocean over the last couple of months, but people are being told to stay away from the new land because of strong currents in the gap separating the sandbank from the mainland.

The island which can be found just off Cape Point in North Carolina has been nicknamed Shelly Island by locals due to the large number of shells found upon it.

Janice Regan told PilotOnline of the sandbank: "Yeah, isn't it crazy? It was just a little bump in April."

Despite rapidly becoming a tourist attraction, people are being told to keep clear of the island as although the distance between the two is just 50 yards, the rip tides are said to be incredibly strong.

And as Bill Smith, president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association, admits, there's also a concern surrounding sharks in the waters.

He said: "We're worried about shark bites, but we're more worried about drownings."

The future of the island is not clear, as the sandbank could continue to grow or could vanish.

A woman has been seen balancing on top of an assortment of boxes while riding her motorcycle.

Video footage of the woman, who is unnamed and hails from China, has shown her performing the dangerous stunt in which she can be seen balancing on top of an array of boxes with her legs dangling treacherously off the back of her motorcycle.

In the clip, the woman is seen driving down what appears to be a fast road as another motorbike rider drives on the lane adjacent to hers, making the contrast in their driving preferences quite scary to watch.

The footage was captured in the Changsha, Hunan Province in China on June 11, when a passing motorist spotted the bizarre sight and decided to grab his phone to capture it.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and other social media sites and has since gone viral.

A dog has gatecrashed an open-air orchestra concert.

During the International Izmir Festival in the Turkish city of Ephesus, the curious pooch was spotted wandering on to the stage and looking around while the band continued to play, unfazed by the addition to their group.

Many of the members of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra who were in the middle of performing Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony No. 4 when they were interrupted by the surprise arrival saw the dog but were determined to finish their performance and as they built up to their crescendo the dog settled down next to a violinist.

An audience member filmed the dog's adventure on stage and some of the fans could be heard laughing at the unimpressed pup.

Just before the end of the performance the dog opened its mouth and yawned, which garnered claps and cheers from the audience.

In just a few hours the clip, which was shared on social media by, received more than 5,000 likes.

Emergency service operators have revealed some of the strange calls they receive from members of the public.

Since it started 80 years ago in 1937, the vital service has had to deal with countless prank and bizarre calls on a daily basis, and throughout the years, the calls have only got stranger.

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, one operator claimed they once received a call saying "there's a seagull with a broken arm", while and another revealed the emergency was simply someone was trapped on the top bunk of their bed and were unable to get down.

Telephone provider British Telecom revealed more than 97 per cent of calls to the emergency services are now answered within five seconds, while a whopping 62 per cent of calls made by members of the public currently come from mobile phones.

However, a staggering 35 per cent of calls do not involve actual requests for help, and can often lead to a waste of the emergency service's valuable time.