Weird News


July 06, 2017

A Mexican mayor has married a crocodile to bring luck to local fishermen.

The reptile, known as The Princess, was reportedly baptised before the ceremony on Friday and she was wearing a wedding dress with her jaws clamped shut, the Mirror Online reports.

After being paraded around the Mexican town, she was married to the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula.

The marriage has been a ritual in the town in southwestern Mexico since 1789, as the residents believe it will bring good fortune to those working along the Pacific Coast.

A man has spent 1,600 hours building a toothpick replica of Wimbledon's Centre Court.

Shaminder Singh, 31, started his project 10 months ago and used around 12,000 of the wooden cleaning devices to build the world-famous tennis court ahead of this year's tournament, the Mirror Online reports.

The tennis fanatic spent hours piecing together the roof, balconies, tiers, stairs and the royal box.

Back in 2015, the forklift driver built Manchester's Old Trafford football ground using just 600 toothpicks.

Coca-Cola has revealed the British citizens' dream summer destinations.

According to research conducted by the fizzy drinks brand, the Maldives was the most desired location on the list with 23 per cent of people wanting to go there.

It was followed by Dubai (15 per cent), The Bahamas (13 per cent), Barbados (12 per cent), Ibiza (12 per cent), Thailand (11 per cent) and Cape Verde (10 per cent).

As part of their Share A Coke campaign, Brits will see bottles of the pop with names of the world's dream holidays and are in chance of winning a dream trip for four to the destination of their choice.

A winner will be drawn every day during an eight-week period until July 9.

Many injuries caused by a specific form of S&M are not being reported to doctors due to embarrassment.

The practice of kinbaku, which originates from Japan, sees people tying each other up with rope very tightly in an elaborate pattern.

Wounds occur when the ropes aren't tied correctly and can result in limb necrosis and other serious ailments.

There's also a risk of whiplash, neck injuries, burns, jaw problems, dislocated joints and nerve issues.

According to The Daily Beast, there has been an increase in the number of unreported injuries caused by BDSM.