Weird News


July 08, 2017

Weird News

Malibu are offering eagle-eyed social media users a free pina colada if they spot their pineapple tuk tuk.

The tropical taxi will be touring the streets of London until July 7, and to celebrate National Pina Colada Day on Monday, anyone who spots the vehicle can claim a free cocktail to enjoy over the weekend.

And that's not all as people can also win a VIP tuk tuk ride to a bar by tweeting or Instagramming Malibu with #pinacoladaday and #freeride.

A woman has tied the knot with a man three years after proposing to him as a joke.

In 2014, Llia Apostolou asked a stranger to pretend to be her husband as part of a joke when she was attending a friend's wedding and didn't want to show up alone.

At the time she wrote on Twitter: "Are you a man? Can I borrow you for a wedding next weekend? Bonus points if you can source a baby that I can pretend is mine too."

Phil Gibson, the stranger in question, took the bait, and said he would be ready with a suit for the big day.

While the exchange was a joke and the pair didn't attend Llia's sister's wedding together, the banter did lead to them meeting up for a drink later that week and getting to know each other better.

Three years later, Llia and Phil have tied the knot for real, in an exchange which still "blows [Llia's] mind".

A woman shocked the Internet after she put chocolate spread and cheese on a slice of toast.

Houda Serfag, 20, took to Twitter to post a picture of her seemingly delicious snack, but caused a stir when people couldn't believe she'd mixed the two culinary delights together on one piece of toast.

One shocked follower even went so far as to alert his local police station as he tweeted: "Hi have u seen this @policescotland (sic)" alongside Houda's image of her tasty treat.

Before long, Houda's Twitter was inundated with fuming users, all questioning her eating habits, but the young woman insists the controversial food item was simply a "great" experiment.

She told Mirror Online: "I honestly just made it out of cravings, [I] love both chocolate and cheese separately so I wondered what it would taste like together. I don't regret it at all. It tastes great, the tanginess of the cheese with the sweetness of the chocolate are a great combo! A great snack for anyone that appreciates sweet and savoury coming together."