Weird News


July 12, 2017

People are using slices of watermelon to make dresses.

The bizarre new fashion trend on Instagram sees someone holding up a dress-shaped watermelon slice and placing it in front of a woman, man or even a dog, just like when people pretend to hold up the Tower of Pisa, the Daily Mirror reports.

Using the hashtag #watermelondress, people from all around the world have been posting their images on the photo-sharing site and the trend has now gone international.

A girl photoshopped Ryan Reynolds on her prom photo after being dumped

by her date. Gabi Dean, a Canadian student, posted the picture of her and the Deadpool star on Twitter and tagged the actor in the tweet, who subsequently replied to her.

The actor said: "We should photoshop me over his yearbook picture next. #DontMessWithGabi (sic)" However, her ex-boyfriend Jeff also got involved in the Twitter conversation, claiming he won't be going to see Deadpool 2 now.

Jeff wrote: "Jokes on you now I'm not going to see Deadpool 2, my $11 is going to @KevinHart4real (sic)."

A naked man has attacked police officers with a stolen pesticide in Houston, Texas.

A video clip has shown Keith Dean attacking the authorities while he stood at the door of a metro train in the city before he is knocked to the ground by officers, who eventually arrest him.

A Houston police spokesman said: "We commend these two officers for their actions in bringing a volatile situation to a safe conclusion.

"The male clearly struck our officer, who in turn used sound judgement in holding his composure and gaining control of the scene thanks to assistance from his partner."