Weird News


July 18, 2017

A Costa coffee addict got a tattoo of one of the franchise's coffee cups.

Sam Cooper, 29, from Essex, believes he has spent more than PS5,000 on coffee over the space of four years and now he has branded himself one of the biggest fans of the franchise with the lifelike tattoo on his forearm.

He said to the Mirror Online: "It embodies my love of Costa. You could say I'm an addict, I probably go there at least once a day and have done for the last four years.

"I thought, I've just got to do it. The thing with me is, I don't do anything by halves."

The coffee fan showed his tattoo to the staff at his local branch and joked he may get a bacon sandwich tattooed next.

Michael Phelps is set to race against a great white shark for Shark Week 2017.

The most decorated Olympian, with 23 Olympic golds and 39 world records in the pool, is currently the fastest human on the planet in water but, he is set to test to his speed in 'Phelps vs. Sharks: Great Gold vs. Great White' on Discovery.

Shark Week 2017 starts on July 23, and the Olympian won't really be swimming next to a great white but instead testing speed against various other shark species, Yahoo reports.

The fierce underwater predators can reach up to speeds of 25 to 30 mph, whereas Phelps can reach up to 6 mph.