Weird News


July 19, 2017

A dating expert has given sex tips for two sharks called Kem and Amber who are part of a breeding programme.

The two Port Jackson sharks, named after the two Love Island contestants, have been spotted swimming in opposite directions to one another and sitting apart in their tank at SEA LIFE Manchester and award-winning matchmaker Caroline Brealey has been called up to help.

Emma Whittle, senior aquarist at the centre, said: "Kem and Amber were really close and playful at one point, which was a perfect start to the early stages of our breeding programme.

"We are keen to get this rocky relationship back on track, ensuring their future breeding goes swimmingly."

Stretching first thing in the morning can help make your day better, a Harvard University psychologist claims.

Amy Cuddy believes having a stretch in your bed is the best way to start the day, and making your body stretch as long as possible as soon as your alarm goes off tells your brain that you have a lot of confidence, the Metro reports.

This is known as power posing, and Amy claims when you pretend to be powerful, you are more likely to feel it.

A pilot gave some advice for people who are afraid of turbulence.

Captain Ron Nielsen appeared on The Today Show and told a volunteer with a severe fear of flying to take a pen and try writing you name with the opposite writing hand.

According to Captain Nielsen, doing this acts as a distraction and it crosses over motor function in the brain which is a disruption for your thought process.

The producer of the show, Joyanna Billington, put the method to the test and admitted she felt much better doing it.

A food artist has created three portraits of three of the nation's favourite tennis stars.

Prudence Staite collaborated with the online food ordering platform and created Andy Curry, Caroline Teriyaki and Novak Djoko-chips, after the popular Wimbledon, stars and used various ingredients from takeaway meals.

The food artist said: "I have created a lot of food art over the years, but I've never taken up a takeaway challenge like this before.

"After a gruelling two weeks on the tennis courts at SW19, these sporting starts certainly deserve a tasty treat."

These are not the first celebrities to be turned into food portraits by the artist, who also include Denzel Washington out of popcorn, a cupcake Queen, and a life-size replica of Dita Von Teese from cheese.