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July 21, 2017
@Normal:Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in The Young And The Restless'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: While admitting to Brooke that he regretted his affair with Quinn, Ridge vowed to fix everything and to put their family back together. Quinn confided in her son that she was having problems in her marriage. An agitated Sheila watched as Steffy filled Eric in on her conversation with Quinn. The designers and staff of both Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashion prepared themselves for the competition in Monte Carlo between the fashion houses. Brooke struck a nerve with her sister while asking about Katie's love life. Caroline confessed to Bill and Steffy her regrets about moving to New York instead of staying in Los Angeles to unite her family. Bill vowed to do everything in his power to reunite Caroline and Thomas, while getting rid of Sally once and for all.

Watch for: Bill goes to great lengths to ensure that Caroline is reunited with Thomas. Sheila uses Eric's anger to her advantage. Ridge demands that Steffy reveal Eric's whereabouts.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: With Theo's help, Abigail discovered Dario's secret. Adrienne and Jennifer made one last pitch to save the paper. Angelica received a surprise visitor. Steve was on track to prove that someone was setting Kayla up at the hospital. Abigail confronted Dario, but he turned the tables on her. Anjelica had an unholy alliance with someone unexpected. Lucas was jealous when he found Justin comforting Adrienne. Paul had an urgent request for John. Things got messy between Kate and Andre. Abigail and Chad's deep feelings for each other resurfaced. Hope, Lani and Eli closed in on Dario. A protective JJ ran into Chad and warned him not to cause his sister any further pain. Kate dropped a bomb on Abigail.

Watch for: John and Paul continue to interrogate Xander. Eric alerts Jennifer to Brady's ulterior motive. Nicole discovers Eric's secret.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura faced some difficult truths about Charlotte. Spencer made matters worse. Ava was a wreck. Sonny began an uphill battle. Curtis learnt what it meant to make a true sacrifice. Laura turned to Kevin for help. Nina had a big decision to make. Obrecht needed a favour. Finn and Hayden looked to the future. Alexis was conflicted. Nina's faith was shaken. Laura pleaded her case. Sonny was pulled in opposite directions. Lucy tracked down Finn. Jason promised to do what he could. Sam made a beeline for Julian. Nathan called Nina out. Sonny received an ominous text

message. Ava's depression worsened.

Watch for: Anna arrives with big news. Nathan gets a

welcome surprise. Obrecht seeks revenge.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Cane and Lily decided it was time to tell the kids that Juliet is pregnant. Cane later found his devastated twins comforting their mom. Tessa bumped into Jack at Nikki's concert and talked about how much they had overcome. Mariah noticed that Devon couldn't keep his eyes off Hilary. Ashley accused Victor of being too harsh with Abby. Dina thought that Jack was giving Nikki too much attention. Phyllis charmed Billy's kids, but was caught off guard when Victoria arrived home earlier than expected. Cane accused Juliet of ruining his life and costing him his job at Brash & Sassy. Mariah opened up to Devon about her fear that he wasn't over Hilary. Mattie confided in Reed about her family problems.

Watch For: The Newman family scandal is made public. Gloria questions Jack about his relationship with Nikki. Cane scrambles to repair his reputation.