Weird news


July 24, 2017

A study has found that British people look in the cupboard almost 30 times a day.

A study carried out by Appliances Direct has revealed that people look in the fridge an average 14 times and the cupboards almost 10 times during 24 hours.

The survey, which was carried out on homeowners, has also found out that women are more likely to look at the contents of their kitchen cupboards more than men.

However, only 35 per cent of those who took part in the research peeked in their cupboards because they were bored and had no intention of rustling up any tasty treats after looking at the contents of their cupboards.

Speaking about the outcome of the survey, marketing manager Mark Kelly said: "The data revealed some interesting findings about the nation's snacking practices, especially the number of times people look in the fridge and cupboards just out of habit."

A holiday-goer endured a "nightmare" flight when a fellow passenger propped their feet on her arm rest.

A woman from San Francisco, named Jessie Char, took to social media to document the unsettling scenario she was met with when she boarded a flight, only to find the person sitting behind her had wriggled her limbs through the gap and placed her heels on the metal arm of her seat.

Jessie shared a photograph on Twitter of the scene, which she captioned: "Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare (sic)."

But the matter got worse, as the unknown jet-setter then used her foot to open the blind covering a window so she could look out at the views from behind.

Jessie continued: "You guys will never guess what happened after that.

"The left foot reached over and opened a window (sic)."

A baby goat has been born with "deformations in the head".

An image of a kid, which was tragically stillborn, has gone viral online for its unusual appearance, as it was born with a flat nose and mouth, as well as large, bulbous eyes, although the rest of the four-legged animal was "normal."

Speaking about her pet to The Metro Online, the owner, Gladys Oveido, said: "The rest of the baby is normal, it only had deformations in the head. It is unusual what happened."

Pringles has launched new flavours of its crisps based on the taste of some of music's biggest stars, including Kanye, Little Mix, Stormzy and Jay-Z.

The potato chip brand worked with James Wannerton, who has a condition called synaesthesia, which means sound and taste are linked. Therefore, a flavour is experienced whenever music is listened to.

They conducted an experiment with James which came up with the results that rapper Kanye tastes like cheesy crisps, The Rolling Stones are like bacon and girl group Little Mix are tangy like salt n' vinegar.

James, whose condition means senses that are normally experienced separately, are involuntarily and automatically joined together, said: "Food and music are always intrinsically linked during the summer via festivals, picnics in the park or barbecues in the back garden. This experiment allows us to take great flavours and match them to the music we enjoy during these occasions."