Weird News


July 28, 2017

A woman mistook a fake spider for a "tarantula the size of her hand".

The unnamed lady reported the terrifying creature to the RSPCA, who came out to retrieve it and have confirmed it wasn't real and was just a plastic toy.

RSPCA inspector Nikki Denham told "The caller had stated there was a tarantula the size of her hand in the understairs cupboard.

"She had left it in there, not touching it, and called us for assistance.

"I turned up with gloves and nets to confine the creature and the woman left me to it, shutting doors around me to prevent its escape.

"It was dark under the stairs, but I could see legs behind a vacuum cleaner that certainly were tarantula size. However, as I shone the light in, I could see that it was in fact a toy plastic tarantula.

"The poor caller was obviously embarrassed, but it won't be the first or last call we'll have like that, I'm sure."

A mother bear has taught her cubs to follow the highway code.

A video of the furry mammal sticking to the road signs and walking to the bear crossing, before she led her brood across a busy motorway, has gone viral on social media.

And the sight touched the hearts of drivers, as well as BBC One's 'Wild Alaska Live' camera crew.

The heartwarming footage has been shared on BBC One's Instagram account, which was captioned: "This bear mum led her cubs across the road ... next to a 'bear crossing' sign. Great to see road safety being taught in the animal kingdom. #BBCOne #AlaskaLive # BTS # BehindTheScenes #Alaska # OnLocation (sic)."

A confused shopper thought butternut squash was cheese cubes.

Journalist James Dator took to Twitter to tweet the entire incident at a US supermarket, which saw the bemused customer demand the delicatessen slice up two pound of cheese for him into squares.

In a series of posts, James wrote: A very confused man is attempting to return his open diced butternut squash because he thought it was a giant box of cubed cheese ... I can't believe this. They're saying he can't because it's open. He's saying it wasn't clearly labelled ... There's a GIANT label that says butternut squash ... They've agreed to refund his money. Now he's demanding they honour 2 pounds of cubed cheese for $2.97 as if it was priced like squash ... "Sir, we don't have 2 pound bags of cubed cheese" "I have guests waiting!" ... (sic)"

However, the unhappy purchaser left empty-handed with neither the cheese or the vegetable.

The sports writer added to the microblogging site: "He wants them to give him two pounds of block cheese and have the deli counter slice it into cubes for him ... Oh god, an employee trying to be helpful half-heard the conversation and retrieved a whole butternut squash and it's a lot worse now ... "I DON'T WANT RABBIT FOOD I JUST NEED SOME GOTDANG CHEESE!!!" ... He's leaving without the cheese and took the squash with him. (sic)"