Kim Kardashian West's company is being sued for US$100 million


August 03, 2017
Kim Kardashian

Kimsaprincesss, Inc was hit with a patent infringement lawsuit on Monday over their promotion and the reality TV star's use of an illuminated phone case which she uses to take perfect selfies with her pals.

According to TMZ, the complaint claims a man named Hooshmand Harooni filed a patent for an "integrated lighting accessory and case for a mobile phone device" in 2013.

Kardashian West is often promoting her LuMee phone case on social media when she takes a selfie and now Snaplight, the company Hooshmand licensed his lighting phone case to, claim she is taking some of their profits. So he wants $100 million.

Snaplight insist it has been "extremely difficult" for them "to compete in the selfie case market" with the 36-year-old star promoting LuMee to her 165 million social media followers.

However, a representative for Kardashian West has insisted she has done "absolutely nothing wrong".