Weird news


August 03, 2017

A motor rental company has created a colouring-in car interior to entertain children on long journeys.

Hertz have wowed customers by designing a new vehicle that enables bored youngsters to entertain themselves while travelling, the Mirror Online has reported.

And the brand came up with an innovative prototype by using pages from popular drawing books, which included images of houses, animals and flowers.

The whole interior of the car is designed with the different patterns for children to colour in and, although it is only a one-off sample, Hertz are reportedly looking to roll out the product depending on the reaction from the public.

Hotel hairdryers reportedly have more germs inside them than a toilet, according to a new investigation.

ABC News carried out an examination and discovered the hair tool carries more bacteria in them because they are left in drawers to collect dust, while lavatories are regularly cleaned by staff.

The microbiologist came to this conclusion after they swabbed nine different hotel items.

A teenager's number was placed on a fake advert on Craigslist, which had him listed as selling a cow for $50.

Shannon Barbour, 19, was bombarded with a number of messages from people interested in purchasing the farm animal, which left the teenager utterly baffled.

The student from Charlottesville told BuzzFeed US: "Someone called me and they were asking for a heifer or something.

"I was like, 'Excuse me? I think you have the wrong number'. Fifty dollars for a whole cow is kind of suspicious.

"I guess the farmers saw it and just went nuts for it. That's how it is here."

The youngster soon realised her number had been placed on the advert for cattle by an anonymous seller and demanded it was taken down.

A man has been fined for looking at porn while he was driving.

The van driver was reportedly pulled over by Surrey police after he was seen using his mobile phone to check out raunchy sites while on the road, the Metro has reported.

And what made the matter worse was the unnamed man initially failed to stop at first.

However, officers swiftly caught up with him on Friday and slapped him with a PS250 fine and six penalty points.