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August 04, 2017
@Normal:Eric Martsolf plays Brady Black on 'Days Of Our Lives'.


Quinn was elated to learn that Eric was finally coming home. Meanwhile, Sheila tried to convince Eric that he should divorce Quinn because of her infidelity. Katie told Wyatt her suspicions about Zende and Maya after seeing their intimate moment at the club the night before. Katie tried to change the subject when Wyatt brought up the chemistry he felt with her in Monaco. Ridge admitted that his actions have caused irreparable damage to his relationship with his father. Charlie realised that Sheila still has feelings for Eric. Katie sent Wyatt a text message asking him out, but Wyatt was surprised by what he found when he arrived for the date. A determined Sheila took drastic measures to ensure that she would be the next Mrs Eric Forrester. Steffy confronted Ridge regarding his intentions towards Quinn.

Watch for: A determined woman vows to achieve an ambitious goal. A secret within a rocky marriage is revealed. A scheme is deemed despicable by those in the know.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hope and Rafe were on the hunt for Dario. Roman wondered if Eric had feelings for Nicole again. Brady was upset by a conversation he overheard between Nicole and Maggie. Gabi revealed to Chad that Abigail's marriage to Dario was for green-card purposes. Meanwhile, Jennifer and JJ waited for word on Abigail. Anjelica had trouble keeping her cohort in line. Marlena found herself in a familiar place. Abigail made it through surgery, but Kayla warned everyone she was not out of the woods yet. Chad informed Andre that once Abigail pulled through, he intended to turn himself in to the police. Tripp was determined to make Kayla pay. Brady could not shake his suspicions about Nicole and Eric rekindling their romance. Eric comforted Jennifer.

Watch for: Joey puts himself in harm's way to save Kayla. Brady interrogates Victor, who finally comes clean. Gabi makes a difficult decision regarding Chad.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly was forced to wait and later lashed out at Jordan. Sonny began to lose hope. Nina was on the defensive. Nathan delivered a strong warning. Finn surprised Hayden. Avery was inconsolable. Ava took great pains to hide her appearance. Hayden was confronted by her past and felt guilty about it. Jason held vigil, and Oscar offered his support. Nelle scrutinised a gift. Valentin dealt with an intruder. Laura received a stern warning. Julian tried to raise Ava's spirits. Jason began his interrogation. Dante agreed to help Carly. Sam struggled with reality. Ava received a proposal that could change her fate. Laura had a plan.

Watch for: Monica gives Finn her blessing. Carly is forced to swallow her pride. Kiki makes a big impression.