Weird news


August 08, 2017

A woman received a four-page letter from a delivery driver she refused to tip.

A female, named Lauren Ledford, enjoyed the Italian takeaway but did not hand over any spare change to the driver to thank him for the services, much to the unnamed staff member's disappointment.

She shared a photograph of the messages she received on her Facebook page, which she captioned: "PLEASE READ and BE AWARE."

The delivery man's handwritten notes have also been shared on the social media platform. In the letter, he urges Lauren to tip all staff, and he continued to "jokingly" threaten her to hand over extra cash if he brings her order again or else he would "rob her".

The letters read: "Please next time, tip your delivery driver. And if it turns out that delivery driver is me again, and you do not tip yet again, I'm probably going to rob you.

"I'm only joking, but not really. Don't risk it though. Who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can't afford to eat that day is capable of.

"Ok, just read my words and don't be cheap.

"I'm just kind of high and so, I need your tip money to stay toasty (sic)."