Soap Previews


August 11, 2017
@Normal:Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on 'The Young and the Restless'.
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Wyatt hinted to Steffy that there was a new woman in his life. Justin didn't approve of Bill's latest scheme. Unaware that Katie had her eye on a potential suitor, Brooke gave her sister some advice about finding a new love. Steffy cheerfully gloated to Sally about her undeniable certainty that there was no future for Spectra Fashions. Quinn almost caught Katie and Wyatt together. When Liam interrogated his father about the blatant lie regarding Caroline, Bill warned his son not to get involved. Eric called Sheila with the news about his marriage. Having learnt about Bill's lie from Liam, Steffy had a complete opposite opinion about the situation than her husband. Sheila encountered a territorial Quinn at the mansion.

Watch for: An impatient businessman makes a backup plan for an acquisition. Loyalty has a price tag within a family. A troublemaker uses a conflict to her advantage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: "Marlena" broke up with John. Anjelica lured Adrienne into a trap. Brady's jealousy threatened to push him over the edge. Nicole made a risky move to be near Holly. Steve and Kayla clashed over the situation with Tripp and Joey. Brady got the wrong idea about Nicole and Eric. Justin made a confession to Sonny. Hattie broke Bonnie out of Statesville. Chad and Abigail's reunion took a surprising turn. Tripp secretly decided to skip town. Anjelica met with Bonnie and explained her first order of business. Lani was put in a tough position at work. Bonnie broke Lucas' heart. Watch for: Marlena finally connects with John and pleads for help. Brady makes a surprising discovery while ransacking Eric's room. Sonny recalls a key memory from the night Deimos was killed.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason questioned Griffin. Carly asked Epiphany for help. Kiki stepped up. Ava reluctantly began therapy. Hayden looked to a kindred spirit for some advice. Monica gave Finn her blessing. Jason tried to intervene. Carly swallowed her pride. Curtis offered his congratulations. Kiki made a big impression. Nathan received a welcome surprise. Felicia felt like a teenager again. Valerie was happy for Dillon. Finn felt deceived. Liz and Hayden bonded. Scott had his doubts. Alexis got some advice from her daughters. Ava was a big mess. Finn suspected he wasn't getting the whole story. Scotty pushed his luck. Alexis shared her thoughts. Dante looked for a resolution. Carly was left to wonder.

Watch for: Dante questions Nelle. Joss has a date with Oscar. Griffin surprises Ava.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack and Nikki enjoyed their time at the cabin, not knowing someone was outside snapping photos of them. Victor warned Zack that he was very protective of Abby. Cane couldn't help but feel something when Juliet showed him a picture from her ultrasound. Later, Charlie told Cane that Lily was better off without him. Phyllis secretly hoped Brash & Sassy succeeded so that Victoria wouldn't rely on Billy so much. Ashley blamed Graham for advising her to sell her mother's company. Jordan realised that Hilary was just trying to keep him away from Lily. Victor was proud of Abby's business acumen regarding a new dating app.

Watch for: Chelsea faces a big decision. Ashley travels outside her comfort zone. Cane offers up dirt on Brash & Sassy.