Weird News


August 12, 2017

EasyJet is launching its first-ever album of tracks to lull passengers to sleep.

The leading budget airline could be set to stumble into the charts with 'Jet Sounds'; "a ground-breaking charity single and album comprised entirely of engine noise".

The single and extended cut album was recorded at 39,000 feet en route from London Gatwick to Nice, France and features the sublime harmonics of a pair of CFM56, twin spool, high bypass, turbo fan engines.

The record was inspired by research, which confirms that white noise can help to send

people into a deep snooze.

Money raised from the release will go to The Children's Sleep Charity. Tina Milton, head of cabin crew from EasyJet, said, "Since the introduction of the NEO with its quieter cabin, we've created a more relaxed environment for our customers. We thought we would share this experience and help our customers get a good night's rest in their own home, whilst helping to raise money to support The Children's Sleep Charity."

An Australian mother got the shock of her life when she found live crawling maggots inside her son's McDonald's burger.

Emmii McHugh from Brisbane claims she only discovered them once her child had bitten into his Happy Meal beef patty and took to Facebook to share a video of what appeared to be the creepy crawlies on top of the burger.

Emmii also uploaded her receipt for the meal, which would have cost under PS2, and has gone to extreme lengths to fight for her rights by freezing the piece of meat as proof.

Alongside the clip, she wrote: "I've kept and frozen the product also have the receipt along with a photo and video. I will be taking this as far as I can (sic)"

McDonald's have issued a statement insisting that they take their food hygiene very seriously, but they would investigate the case as they doubt that this would've happened.

A spokesperson commented: "It is very unlikely this occurred in our restaurant; we have great confidence in our food safety and handling procedures. We have spoken with the customers and will investigate further."

A woman was gifted a vibrator at an Ann Summers party and had an ingenious alternative use for the sexy toy.

A user on the forum Gransnet has revealed her former co-worker used the device to sprinkle her greenhouse plants.

The post read: "My now retired colleague won a vibrator at an Ann Summers party some years ago. She was a very keen gardener and had a greenhouse with a lot of very expensive and delicate plants that only required minimal watering. So she hooked up the vibrator to an inverted plastic drinks bottle filled with water; pierced a small hole in the end of the bottle and then switched the vibrator on."

Women with big boobs have been offered a discount on their meals at a restaurant in China.

The Qianjiang Evening Post reports that posters were put up outside Trendy Shrimp Restaurant in Hangzhou, but had to be taken down after complaints were made over the "vulgar advertising".

The advert had images of women with a wide range of breast sizes standing in their underwear with the slogan, 'The Whole city is looking for BREASTS' on top and beside the infographic was a list of the discount offers that were available to women, with those with the biggest bosoms saving the most.