Weird news


August 17, 2017

Several blue dogs have been spotted roaming around the Indian capital of Mumbai.

Locals were left confused when they saw the mutts wandering the streets.

According to The Sun Online, toxic waste dumped in the Kasadi River in the Navi district of the city is to be blamed for the unusual colour change.

It's understood that the stray dogs have come into contact with the pollution after paddling through the contaminated river, which is lined with 1,000 factories, in search of food.

Arati Chauhan from the Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell was "shocked", and said: "We have spotted almost five such dogs here and have asked the pollution control board to act against such industries."

One factory making detergents is believed to have released the dye which caused the white dogs to turn blue.

When it comes to popular ice cream flavours, strawberry, chocolate, mint, vanilla and cookie dough spring to mind. But there are five new flavours hitting the top spots around the world.

Here's the top five, according to

1. Mastic an ancient Greek ingredient which smells like pine needles. The plant resin is sold in the form of small crystals and these are crushed into powder to flavour ice cream.

2. Kinako this 'yellow flour' is a fine, sand-coloured powder made from roasted soybeans and gives a nutty flavour. It is most popular in Japan.

3. Rosewater the ice cream is made up of a liquid made by distilling rose petals with steam. It is a popular flavour abroad.

4. Tamarind it tastes better than it looks, as it grows in long, lumpy pods with a sticky brown pulp which gives off a sweet and savoury flavour.

5. Black sesame when ground, the sesame seeds become creamy and are popular in Asia.

Police pulled over a car and found a duck wearing a bow tie.

The bird named Star was reportedly driving around Devon, south-west England, with his owner Barrie Hayman, 73, the Metro newspaper reports.

Star is apparently a regular in local bars, and cops knew the duck after he had been in trouble before for fighting with dogs.

In 2015, he hit headlines after a fight broke out near The Old Courthouse Inn where Star came head-to-head with Meggie a border collie who belongs to Barrie and badly injured his beak.

Official complaints have been filed.

KFC is giving away free chicken to students and a chance to win a round-the-world trip.

The fast-food chain has partnered with Student Beans to serve up a mini fillet snackbox with every Krushem ice cream bought in a restaurant on August 17 results day.

The fried chicken brand is also running a competition, which will launch on A-Level results day and is open to students over 18.