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August 18, 2017
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.



Quinn tried to convince Eric that Sheila was exaggerating her condition. Liam learnt that Bill made CJ another offer. Meanwhile, Sally attempted to persuade CJ to give Spectra another chance. Much to Quinn's chagrin, Sheila took up residence in the Forrester guest house. Sally was nervous but excited about having another chance with Spectra. Bill had an ulterior motive when he sent Liam to interview Sally. Eric stunned Sheila by bringing Dr James Warwick to town to examine her. Steffy attempted to persuade Bill to take Liam off the assignment with Sally. Brooke and Eric dealt with the aftermath of Sheila and Quinn's altercation. During the interview, Sally explained to Liam why she intended to keep her Great Aunt Sally's building and then showed him her sketches for the new line.

Watch for: A new couple takes their relationship to the next level. A ruthless businessman stops at nothing to get what he feels he deserves. Emotions run deep when a son shifts his loyalty from his father to an outsider.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Tripp shocked Kayla by apologising for everything he'd done. Steve talked to Roman about Joey's need to atone for killing Ava. Hope fretted over not being able to identify Dario's partner. Abe confronted Theo about breaking the law for the DiMeras. Claire was upset by the photo she saw on her tablet. Kayla urged Joey not to turn himself in for Ava's murder. Lani told JJ about her unexpected decision. Chloe confronted Brady about his drinking. Bonnie found herself drawn to Lucas. Adrienne desperately tried to convince everyone at the prison that she was not Bonnie. Meanwhile, Hattie, posing as Marlena, attempted to win over Roman. Brady and Nicole had a major confrontation.

Watch for: Nicole has a stunning realisation. Chad proposes to Abigail. Sonny takes a huge step with Paul.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Finn received some horrible news. Sonny was preoccupied with something. Dante sensed that he'd been duped, and later questioned Nelle. Monica's day went from bad to worse. Julian felt more positive about his predicament. Jason took matters into his own hands. Joss had a date with Oscar. Carly grew increasingly suspicious. Ava fantasised about a life without her scars. Meanwhile, Liz put her life on hold. Obrecht's curiosity consumed her. Finn received the help he needed. Anna got a huge surprise. Nathan caught up Amy on all things 'Man Landers.' Felicia's curiosity was piqued. Kiki offered some advice. Ava got lost in her imagination. Liz gave Griffin some encouragement. Nina displayed her list of demands.

Watch for: Carly receives some shocking news. Ned puts pressure on Alexis. The judge reaches a verdict in Julian's trial.