Weird news


August 19, 2017

A man saved a tortoise's life after giving it mouth-to-mouth resusitation for an hour.

John Fletcher's 45-year-old pet, Freda, was drowning, but the retired postman came to her rescue by performing CPR on the reptile.

After a while, water seeped out of Freda's mouth, but he thought nothing of it.

Mr Fletcher said: "It must have been in there for at least an hour.

"I took it out, and it was looking quite dead and limp.

"I decided to put my own mouth around the head and give a few short blows, having stretched its head out a little.

"A small half-teaspoonful of water came out of its mouth, which I had opened."

After nearly 60 minutes and using a hairdryer to warm its body and legs, Freda started to slowly open her eyes.

Fletcher told The Daily Telegraph: "I detected some movement, so I warmed it up with a hairdryer, massaged its legs and neck and after another full hour, it started gasping and opened its eyes."

A constipated 49-year-old lowland gorilla at the Topeka Zoo in Kansas is recovering after having surgery.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that zoo Director Brendan Wiley says the procedure that Tiffany underwent Wednesday went "really well". A significant amount of stool was found in her colon and was flushed out.

Wiley says the best-case scenario is that she will bounce back. If issues continue, test results will be reviewed to determine how to treat her constipation.

The zoo said staff reported on Friday that the gorilla wasn't acting like herself. The Staff thought a storm the previous night might have upset her, but over the following days, she lost more of her appetite. The surgery was performed to determine why she had been reluctant to eat.

No, the volume is just fine. It's the song.

An unusual tune has found its way on to the top 50 on the iTunes charts, alongside Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban hits. The song is completely silent. A a a a a Very Good Song costs 99 cents for just under 10 minutes of dead air.

While the musical quality of the track is debatable, its popularity is due to its simple role: When people plug smartphones into a car, usually the first song alphabetically plays by default. A a a a a Very Good Song offers users several minutes of respite.

The 'song' is the brainchild of Samir Mezrahi, who released it last week. While high on iTunes, the song hasn't made much of a stir on Google Play.

A Belgian town honoured its 22-year-old tradition of making a giant omelette on Tuesday amid an egg contamination scare, cooking 10,000 eggs in a pan four metres wide.

Millions of chicken eggs have been pulled from European supermarket shelves as a result of the scare over the use of the insecticide fipronil, which is forbidden in the food chain and can cause organ damage in humans.

Hundreds of people gathered in the eastern Belgian city of Malmedy undeterred by the scare, and the president of the local branch of the giant omelette fraternity, Benedicte Mathy, said she was confident Tuesday's dish was safe to eat.

Under a timid Belgian sun and with music playing, they tucked into the giant omelette cooked over an open fire by 'The World Fraternity of Knights of the Giant Omelette', which was created in 1973.