Weird News


August 24, 2017

Weird News

A couple have been filmed having sex on a bench in a tourist resort in Croatia.

The randy couple seemed to have no issues dropping their drawers and getting frisky in public - and were so wrapped up in their naughty antics that they failed to spot intrigued passersby capturing their horny actions on camera.

The nationality of the pair is not yet known or whether police are investigating the crime but the video, which was posted on a number of video-sharing websites, has received a lot of online response, according to the Mirror Online.


A brothel in Austria is set to hire out a new sex doll after the success of the first intimate toy.

Fanny, the name of the first doll, received glowing reviews at the Kontakthof brothel in Vienna and are believed to have been more popular than prostitutes among customers, the Metro has reported.

And the institution, which rents out Fanny for EU80 per hour, is looking to get a second one as Fanny is usually fully booked for several days.

Sex experts believe there will be a surge in dolls that mimic people at brothels as they think there is an increase in people with a fetish for sex dolls.

A new term to describe a former partner has taken the world by storm.

People have started to use the word "stashing" to describe an ex lover, and the term has been likened to the phrase "my dirty little secret", the Metro Online has reported.

And when the term is used in relation to a romance it means that someone is getting all the benefits of dating, but snub their other half when the pair are in public.

However, the reason behind the regular use of the word, which has been defined as hiding something way, is not known.