Soap Previews


August 25, 2017
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in 'The Young And The Restless'.


Sally and Shirley prepared for the big fashion preview. At the office, Bill let his staff know that he would do whatever it took to ruin Spectra so that he could build his dream skyscraper. Wyatt and Katie took their relationship to the next level. Sally admitted how much she missed Thomas. Liam surprised everyone, including his father, by announcing his plan to attend the preview to ensure that Sally's reputation was not ruined by outside forces. A small electrical fire broke out at the Spectra debut. Steffy was shocked to learn that Sheila was living with Eric and Quinn. Ridge wondered why Thomas left so suddenly for New York. Meanwhile, Sally asked Thomas if would be able to return in time to see her new designs. Bill ordered Justin to dig up all the dirt he could on the Spectras.

Watch For: Bill basks in the success of his evil plan. Quinn and Sheila go for 'round two' in their battle over the coveted position of Mrs Eric Forrester. A former lover makes a surprise visit back to Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bonnie got nervous when Steve paid 'Adrienne' a visit. Theo was jealous when he saw Tripp and Claire sharing a hug. A big twist was revealed about Abe's case. Eric struggled with his feelings for Nicole. Jennifer and Abigail got concerned when Lucas showed up drunk. Andre confronted Kate about her kissing another man. Brady shared a big secret with Victor. Nicole was tempted to confide in Eric. Lucas and Bonnie made love. Marlena and John realised that Hattie must be working with someone. An unexpected death shook things up in Salem. Gabi was upset to learn that Chad and Abigail were getting married.

Watch for: Hope and Rafe conspire with Abe. Eli tries to stop Lani from ruining his plan. Maggie isn't thrilled when she learns that Adrienne is moving into the mansion.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam made a firm decision. Alexis and Carly found some common ground. Valerie had an unexpected blind date. Franco asked Ava for a big favour. Anna was determined to get some answers. Carly received some shocking news. Rudge testified against Julian. Liz was intrigued by Franco's painting. Ned put pressure on Alexis. Sonny and Jason explained their actions. Anna reached out to Finn for help. Scott clashed with Julian. Nina was moved by Charlotte's story. Carly lashed out at Jason. Sam worried about the future. Griffin jumped to Ava's defence. Nina's plans were interrupted. Ned made a deal with Michael. The judge reached a verdict in Julian's trial. Kiki and Dillon took stock of their relationship.

Watch for: Valerie helps Kristina with her love life. Alexis confronts Sonny and Carly. Ava fantasises about Griffin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jordan tried to talk Lily into coming to New York with him. He later confessed that Hilary was jealous of their closeness. Neil offered Victoria a business loan so that she wouldn't have to rely on her father. Nikki was surprised to learn that Nick moved out of the tack house and that Abby had moved in. Billy raised Jack's rent at Brash & Sassy. Hilary spied on Lily and Jordan celebrating on the roof deck. Victor feared that he was going to lose access to his granddaughter. Chelsea assured Nick that she was ready to move in with him. Sharon sent Scott a picture of the pimp she saw post bail at the police station. Jack was shocked to learn that Victoria was able to get a loan after all.

Watch for: Tessa questions her future with Noah. Victoria loses patience with Phyllis. Ashley uncovers Graham's deception.